NEW RELEASE – Venom by Skyler Kane

Hello my darlings! Dropping by to inform you of a new release that just hit Amazon’s markets. One of my friends put out their first novel and I designed the cover artwork. I’ve read it, and it’s pretty great, so if you’ve had a chance then check it out!


If you want to commission a book cover from me, use my contact form or email . My covers usually range from $20-$30 paid through PayPal.

October Releases and Bargains

For the entire month of October I’m going to be searching for, reblogging and promoting other people’s books that are either releasing or up for some special sale, especially if it has to do with Halloween. (October is kind of my favorite month). So if you’ve got something going on, point me your way! I’m going to start with my own news, since that’s all I have. 😛




Some of you have already told me you are excited, so I hope to live up to my own hype! This will be my first real attempt to take a crack at an urban paranormal drama. The best part? Drams will be 0.99 cents on Amazon until November 1st! All the way through Halloween! 

2) Mr. Fingers – ALSO 0.99 cents until November 1st! 



A perfect chilly October afternoon read. Available soon on Amazon!

3) Baron of Blood gets a reboot!


Baron of Blood (one of my ‘orphan’ titles as Anne Rice would say) is the prequel to the Age of Waking Death series and one of my better works (in my opinion). It’s getting a reboot this October with a brand new cover, plus an additional chapter offering a sneak peek into its sequel, Baron of Poison! Only $2.99 starting soon!

Of course, The Age of Waking Death series is also going to be back up on Amazon! I wouldn’t leave them behind. 😛 That’s all of the news for October that I have so far. Can’t wait to look at yours!