Updated Map of the World

You know, I don’t know what the “Dragolothian universe” is actually called. Suggestions? Maybe I will have a “name the universe” contest. That would be cool.


Map of the World

Hello my darlings!

Another map? Yes, another map. I am kind of obsessed, as you can tell. And this is what I have been doing with time for the past… four or so hours instead of writing. But this time I thought I would give you a map of the world as of Encarz’s reign. I will give more detailed maps of the individual countries a little bit later… but I thought that you guys would appreciate a little glimpse at what the rest of the world looks like.

I forgot to label the ocean though… sue me.


In addition to detailed maps of the individual countries… I wanted to create floorplans for Castle Dragoloth and Castle Winfell. Oh! And Azrael’s Temple. Is that too ambitious? Probably so.

Your most adored,


Pharun Art- Digital Rendering

Hello my darlings,

It is two in the morning. There is homework I have not done, writing I have yet to do, notes that have not been taken, and emails / messages that have not yet been responded to. But by the gods … Pharun’s portrait has been finished! I got a little lazy with the dragon horns, I will admit. But other than that I really, really like this photo and I HAD TO SHARE IT BY ZEUS.

Yeah, I just didn’t think the black and white sketch did him justice.


Ok, now I swear I am going to bed.

Your most adored,