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Hello my darlings! Since I have been so busy working on “The Bitch King” as of late (and have been developing another Dragoloth related side project… more on that later) I haven’t been able to dole out many goodies in honor of my favorite holiday – Halloween! Since it doth approach so quickly, I set up a few deals on Amazon that you will (hopefully) be very eager to grab a hold of! Think of it as my internet Halloween candy as you go blog trick-or-treating (omg analogy police come get me).

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I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and now so can you!

Reasons to Purchase and Read “The Dragon’s Disciples” RIGHT NOW!

*We interrupt these October Interviews to bring you shameless plugging*

Reasons to Buy and Read the Dragon’s Disciples


1. Because chilly October afternoons are perfect for reading.

2. Because let’s be honest, you need more backstabbing family politics and forbidden love in your life.

3. Dragons and vampires – are there more reasons?

4. It’s $2.99 on the Kindle store – what else are you going to do with that random $3?

5. Because getting a new book in the mail and smelling those freshly printed pages is irresistible (especially on a crisp fall morning).

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So what are you waiting for!

October Interviews: Brisha and Raul

image credit: syrkell (Deviantart)


Brisha: WAIT WAIT WAIT. We don’t even get our own days?

Me: No.

Raul: Why not?

Me: You’re not interesting enough.


Raul: Maybe BRISHA isn’t interesting….

Me: Oh gods…

Brisha: I – what?! I am SO interesting!

Raul: Not interesting enough to generate a good comeback.



Did you two ever get along?

Raul: Define “get along”.

Brisha: We get along fine, but just because we are twins doesn’t mean we have many common interests..

Raul: Our bond was mostly forged on the basis that we are both the youngest in the family, and the most attention we were ever going to receive was from each other, and we recognized that.

What was it like growing up the youngest children?

Brisha: Being young and acknowledged as illegitimate is no fun…

Raul: As if it made a difference to you. You’re a woman. All you had to do was embroider. I am a man and I was consistently held back from competing with my elder brothers…

Brisha: At least father knew I existed.

Raul: only because you annoyed him so constantly that he could never forget you…


Both of you, who did you get along with most in the family?

Brisha: Each other.

Raul: Yes. Sadly. Each other.

Brisha: Pharun is hardly ever around. And too ridiculous.

Raul: Shrukian is too full of himself. And Olympia is as engaging as an old history book.

Brisha: *adding* In a language you’ve never studied.

Raul: Or barely studied but are too lazy to understand.

Brisha, what do you think about Olympia?

Brisha: I think she is a trollop with no special talents. She wanders around the castle all day and just waits on her next opportunity to bang Shrukian. And if she isn’t in his bed then she’s torturing servants, and there’s only so much screaming one can take in the room next to yours.

Raul, do you have any regrets?

Raul: My regret is that I have a twin.

Brisha: D:< !!!

Raul: More seriously, one of my greatest regrets is allowing myself to be consumed by a foolish pursuit that ultimately served to only get me killed.

Raul, what was it like leaving your family behind?

Raul: Fairly liberating. I did not have a great attachment to any of them, and I didn’t care if or whether I saw any of them again.

October Interviews: Malhii

Do you miss youth?

What a dumbass question.

Me: HEY! Be nice!!

Of course I miss being young. Do you think having skin that snags on chipped vessels like a piece of wrinkly old cloth is fun? I don’t miss the days of my youth, but I do miss being able to feel like I can still pursue and seduce someone on a merit besides my power.

Describe your first experience with love/lust?

My first experience was a painful one, because it ran so deeply and was cut off so soon. And it was love, there was no doubt about that. I was in love with a young boy whose father had defaulted on his debts. My father, the baron Ivan Clieous, destroyed the family and divided up some of the members as slaves. Atlas, the one I loved, originally belonged to my brother. But Igarth is the sort of person no one can ever love. Atlas was the reason I was forced to leave Drakkian Province.

Why did you become a priest?

Because I tried being a schoolteacher, and they almost hung me over it.


When Atlas was alive and we had been forced to leave my home, I ended up in Dragoloth and practiced as a school teacher for boys. With my history, you can imagine just how well that went. After nearly being lynched by the town, Atlas and I were forced to lay low. It was during that time that he became very ill and I was not able to properly care for him. Once he died, I buried him and became a priest. I had to give myself something to be devoted to, a reason to live, or I would have killed myself.

Do you ever hold your saving Pharun’s life over his head?

Of course. This kind of relates to question #1, mostly because these days that is the only way to get him to come to bed with me. It was so much easier when I was the more powerful of the two of us.

Me: I threw up a little in my mouth.


Me: This is the ickiest interview I have had to sit through…

October Interviews: Domenico

image credit: venlian (deviantart)


How did your relationship with Austric evolve?

I am convinced he put a spell on me. Of course I have always had a fondness for adorable, airheaded boys with a sense of style – but I have known Austric since he was a toddler, and I never thought I would be attracted to him in any sort of way. Of course, if you could have heard how his father complained about him…

What more can I say? It began like you might treat an annoying nephew of a brother you don’t really like. Then it was business, and then it became something more. Relationships are always fluctuating in this way.

How do you feel about your family?

I don’t have much family to feel any sort of way about. My family history is extensive – the Mad Barons are well-whispered about behind the closed shutters and doors of Drakkian Province. The history of murder, jealousy, and madness has done its best to define me – and I often find myself waiting for the day when it takes hold. All of my patriarchal ancestors died before they reached their thirtieth year. Here I am, having made it well past that age and have no signs of deterioration. It worries me – there is always the chance it skipped me altogether, maybe my mother’s genes were the ones to save me from my own curse. But most likely not. Maybe I will start slipping into the same madness once I have finally found something in my life to make me happy.

Spill the Tea on Austric?

I’m not sure what this means.

Me: *flips through Urban Dictionary* I think they want some gossip on your boyfriend.

He isn’t my boyfriend.

Me: Keep telling yourself that.

I don’t indulge in gossip.

Me: You are SO BORING!!

October Interviews: Meridith

image credit: elephant wendigo (deviantart)


What was your relationship with Pharun like when you two were still boys?

I did not have any brothers, and Pharun didn’t have any that he liked. Holidays were the best because it meant that our fathers would travel to see each other and Pharun and I could wreak havoc together for a solid month or more. Our relationship did not begin to form until we were both a little older, perhaps seven or eight, because that was when my mother died and Encarz mended his relationship with my father. Even though I am closer to Olympia’s age, Pharun always treated me like his equal. We had a lot of fun and created many good memories.

How do you think time affects friendships?

Time has a habit of wearing down and peeling away the pretty outer layer of most things, that includes friendships. Unless, of course, those who share them care enough to maintain the bond. I don’t think Pharun ever put any thought into our friendship, he just assumed it was effortless and would continue to be so, withstanding time and war. That is not how it works… friendships begin effortlessly and you have to keep them well your entire life or they dissipate.

Can you trust anyone?

Not anymore.

How did you and Ravenel meet?

I was actually visiting Pharun at the time. I had brought with me my young ward, Shiva, with whom I was ridiculously infatuated. Ravenel was a slave that Olympia had acquired for her pleasure. She had treated him badly, I won’t go into the gory details. But Shiva found him hiding underneath the bed in our guest room and had to spend the better part of fifteen minutes coaxing him to come out. Shiva hid him from me for the first few days, only revealing him to me once his wounds had begun to heal. Like a guilty child who wants to keep the stray puppy he found, he pleaded with me to let him keep the boy. I was jealous of their friendship, I admit, but I agreed. Ravenel went home with us when we left, I don’t think Olympia ever missed him.

Describe a favorite moment between you and Ravenel.

My memories of Ravenel are so polluted with the times of turmoil that I can’t pull out a favorite memory, at least not easily. It is hard to talk about. Perhaps I’ll come back to this question in the future.

October Interviews: Felix

What do you remember about your childhood?

Very little. Most of it was spent in prayer. I can recall flashes of my mother… but nothing of substance. I don’t remember her voice, or what she smelled like, or if she ever held me close and told me that she loved me. I remember her mostly being surrounded by men and white powdery drugs, and I don’t think I ever will know what she looked like decently clothed. My memories with High Priest Gwynafor in the temple of Morre are better ones, if not much clearer. But I was happier, then, and I think when you are happy time goes by so quickly that you neglect to collect memories. Or maybe I have reached a point in my age where it is just more difficult to recall events that feel like they happened so long ago that it’s almost like they didn’t happen to you at all.

What’s something no one knows about Pharun?

He can be nice, sometimes. 😀 But in all seriousness – isn’t it easier to list what most people do know about him? He wraps himself up in so much mystery that sometimes even I begin to doubt whether or not the man I love is the “true” Pharun. If I had to pick one possibly little-known fact, I would say that he can be very gentle. There are times when I can see it in the way he holds me … his arms are strong but in the way that makes them sturdy and safe to lean on. And he will kiss me gently… no teeth or tongue to escalate the mood but sweet, soft kisses from firm lips while he keeps me close. He does some things that are sweet… when he gives me gifts that I was not expecting, always something small and sentimental, the kind of things I treasure the most. If I ever doubt myself for loving him… memories of those moments remind me why I can’t live without him.

What’s your fondest memory from your time as a cleric?

I was very fond of the piece and tranquility that life at the temple offered. Most would consider it a mundane existence, but I enjoyed the routine – fulfilling my daily duties, saying my prayers to Morre, studying scrolls and, on the best days, sharing a meal or a few hours of meditation with my mentor Gwynafor. It was a blissful time without complications, I’m not sure I could single out one perfect memory.

How did you feel learning your father was Death?

I was startled, to be sure. I have never consider myself to be a person of much cosmic importance or worth. Mind you, I do not feel as though I am worthless – no one in this world is completely without worth. I just never saw any reason for me to be singled out by someone more powerful or interesting. I also didn’t think it made much sense… after all, don’t children of the divine always display some sort of special quality or talent? I’ve never really had any of those. Compare me to Pharun… and it’s like pointing to the nuthatch and the heron and claiming they were both spawned from the same egg.

What’s the cutest thing Pharun’s ever done?

You know he pretends to hate children, right? He secretly adores them. He was always so kind and playful with the younger clerics at the temple whenever he came around to visit me. More times than I can count, I would catch him pulling sweets out of his pocket to give to them (they were not permitted to have decadent sweets).

Did you ever run into Encarz? What was that like?

Oh, my. Encarz was a man to be admired… that is for certain. I do not think I ever came into contact with him, directly, but I experienced many of Pharun’s memories of him. He did not seem cruel, but he wasn’t kind either, and he had a frigid nature about him that made him come across as absolutely unapproachable. I would not have liked to know him, and if I had I don’t think we would have gotten on very well.

Who besides your husband do you like most in the Mahtrador family?

Oh, I am quite fond of Shrukian. Again, I don’t have many real memories of him (not many that didn’t end in bodily harm, anyway) – but from Pharun’s memories, I have gleaned that there is just … something about him that is undeniably appealing. He is very charming, yes, but very kind and very gentle, also. He can be firm when the situation calls for it but he also loves to laugh and enjoy himself, and in a world as dark as ours those are qualities worth appreciating.

October Interviews: Benito

image credit: fimbul_vinter (deviantart)


Do you ever feel guilty about stealing another man’s wife?

WAIT! Who says I stole her? o.o And no… Adriel did not want to marry her in the first place, and I knew he would have ended up divorcing her. She was in danger and I was helping her run at the time, I wasn’t really thinking…

What was life like when you and Olympia fled?

As a few details of that story have yet to be released… I can’t say much. I will say that I enjoy her company and her boys, I would honestly do anything for any of them. I know she could never love me like I want her to, but that doesn’t stop me from loving her.

What is the fondest memory you have raising her children?

The day they stopped crying when I held them…

October Interviews: Austric

What was is your relationship with Domenico like when the two of you are alone?

*snorts* What would I like it to be, or what is it in actuality? Domenico is as infuriating in private as he is in public. The only difference is that in private he sees no reason to be polite. He’s a rogue, and that is what I love about him, but it is also what drives me crazy behind closed doors. Believe it or not, he is quiet for the most part. Unless you get him talking about one of two things he cares about (politics or poetry) and then he will go on and on without stopping for hours. I don’t think he actually needs me to be present for him to continue a conversation, he answers himself often enough. I’ve napped before in his presence and he’s never noticed.

What was it like growing up as an Ercole?

I have never really felt like “an Ercole” growing up. As he likes to mention often enough, Adriel became everything that father and aunt Nerissa wanted. Most days I was alone. I actually became very fond of reading, and I enjoyed fairy tales. When I was little I would act them out until one of my nurses stopped me for my ‘frivolous and ridiculous’ behavior.

Give us some dirt on your brothers.

You mean my cousins? I remember how Adriel used to disappear for hours and none of the attendants could ever find him. I stumbled across him, one day, on all fours romping around with the hounds and kissing them. I was too busy laughing to confront him at the time, but I will forever cling to the hope that he has some deep-seated “special love” for dogs.

Benito has a weak bladder. He had to wear napkins until he was almost seven. To this day he cannot go a full hour without having to relieve himself. I used to tease him about it, but there was one day when he held me face-down in a rain barrel and wouldn’t let me up until I swore to never mention it again.

What was the most difficult thing you experienced growing up?

I would say the distinct absence of love and affection, but how can you miss something you have never before experienced? Perhaps the most difficult thing I experienced was finding ways to catch up to my cousins. Talk about an insurmountable hill.

October Interviews – Graeme!

Once again, I am several people behind and have to do a blitzkrieg of updates. I swear it is because I have been writing / reformatting and not because I’m just really bad at posting. *cough*

Quick side note – I would love, love some fresh Amazon reviews for my books. If you’re interested, comment down below or email me. You can choose from any of my works. Currently available I have The Age of Waking Death series (books 1, 2, and 3), Mr. Fingers, and Baron of Blood. For a more details on the individual books type C.N. Faust into Amazon.com and check out my author page!

All right now ONTO THE INTERVIEWS. Here we hand the mic to Graeme, in case you didn’t read the title…


Did you and Encarz ever get along?

We might have, if we had ever crossed paths. Very seldom did we ever run into each other in the great halls of our castle. That is what happens when two brothers lead completely separate lives. Encarz was the heir, the favorite, the soldier. Everything he did was excellent and he was a gleaming figure in the public eye. I preferred my books. After some time I devoted myself entirely to learning magic, since I was no cleric or godsborn and never possessed the natural ability. There was a time when I tried to share my findings or interests with Encarz, but he never seemed to care much at the time. He always retained the information for later when he needed something from me. I remember, growing up, that I always wanted to be just like my older brother. I wanted little more than his approval and companionship for a long time.

What was it like growing up with your brother?

As I mentioned, we didn’t really cross paths. I didn’t grow up with him so much as grow up in his shadow. It was always easy to hear about his exploits, his slaughters, his achievements… but I did not know much about the man. He never seemed interested in getting close to me. And of course… mother showered all of her attention on him. I was touch-starved and hungry for any grain of affection I could receive. If my father ever hit me, it was a blessing. At least someone knew I was there and felt something stronger than indifference.

How did your relationship with your mother evolve as you grew up?

She lost Encarz, eventually. She fell to me at first to get revenge, then to cradle her bruised ego. She knew I was always there for her, that I would never have abandoned her no matter how much I resented her for ignoring me all those years. I was her loyal lapdog. My magic became of some use to her when she wanted an untraceable poison that would make my father suffer as much as possible before his death. I admit, I was reluctant to aid in Prokopios’ death. But by the time she approached me, his mind was already deteriorating, and he barely knew me.

What made you get started in magic? What do you like most about practicing?

Loneliness was the main reason. I needed something to fill my time as an extra son. I thought briefly about becoming a cleric but that life did not appeal to me, and over the years I became increasingly cynical and less religious. Malhii eventually excommunicated me, and that was fine. He always hated me anyway. What I enjoy most about practicing is the satisfaction in mastering a spell. There are a few fleeting moments of feeling like the most powerful person in the world. When that feeling is gone, you want it back. Magic is as much an addiction as any drug.

Have you ever fallen with someone other than your mother?

I would like to make it clear that I do not consider myself to be in love with my mother. I do love her, but in the way a desperate orphan will cling to the skirts of the matron who beats him just to feel some kind of affection. That being said, I was in love once. I was deeply in love with Anastasia Nicos. Some know her better as Encarz’s first wife and the mother of Pharun. When Anastasia married Encarz, I was consumed by such hurt that I had an affair with her younger sister, Fatima. We were not careful, and she conceived my child. That was a year or two after Pharun’s birth. By then her family was already in disgrace that they could not handle another disappointing daughter. They disowned her, and she came to me. I tried to use my knowledge to get rid of the baby… but by then it was too far along. Instead of the baby dying, Fatima ended up giving birth early, and the baby survived. She, however, did not. I kept the baby in secret for as long as I could, passing him between nursemaids and sympathetic servants. As he grew older, he was just seen as another servant’s boy. I used a spell to change his eye color for his protection. The spell will fade, eventually, and then he and everyone else will know. I pray he will still be protected by then. My one regret is that I was never able to tell him of his lineage.