Bitch King – Excerpt

Sunday is almost over, you guys. What does the week to come hold for you? We’ve got a lot going on over here. A trip to see the family is coming up next Saturday, and I get to do all of the cleaning, laundry, and packing, etc that prefaces such a treat. Hopefully I will be able to shove my writing in there somewhere! Until then, here is a little taste of the Bitch King, which will hopefully take a little of the edge off your Monday. Enjoy!



It is written in your stars, don’t forget

I can read them, I’m divinely inspired

The child of Apollo, prophecy flows

In my veins, it runs wild, uncontained,

So you can’t be blamed for your doubts

Only for your ignorance, your constant

Belligerence and unwillingness to

Acknowledge your fate, what does it

Take? I can speak to your shadows but

I can’t change your road, you plod along,

You don’t know where you’re going, you

Prefer not knowing, but in the back of your

Mind you know it won’t last, you’ll put

Your heart in a cast before you let me heat the

Bones, you will open the wineskin before

You reach home, because you know so much

Better than this Cancer demi-goddess, whose

Father lives on Mt. Olympus, who is ruled by

The Moon and by her emotions, I’m not

Unsympathetic but I’m intolerant, I won’t be

Shot down like Cassandra, I won’t

Stand for it, you won’t have any less than

Your own way, and I won’t waste my

Time on a soul I can’t save.

Amazon vs. Everyone Else

Hello my darlings,



a.com_logo_RGB VS.  peasants


I know, I know.

Well, I’ve just been doing some thinking, lately. And now that I have some reviews under my belt and some promotions have been done, I’m thinking that once the KDP select term ends for each of my books, I am going to end the enrollment and try (once more) to get my books listed elsewhere.

Now, mind you, I’m not going to go crazy with it on the first go-around. I’m only going to be on Amazon, B&N, Lulu, and my own personal website for the first few weeks. And here is why…

  1. Free promotions are nice, and definitely a great boost for reviews / readers, but their glimmer dies off quickly when the sales ‘bump’ that follows is minimal at best, and then you can only link your readers to Amazon for months.
  2. KDP completely excludes any potential readers who use Nook and Sony readers. I didn’t know there were so many of those until I started KDP select.
  3. Sure, that 70% profit is tempting. But selling them on several websites for the normal price ($2.99) instead of on just one is so much more beneficial all around.
  4. I want to feel like I have complete control over the distribution and selling of my books. Considering I am molding a publishing house, I believe this is best.

So come September, ALL of my currently released books will be available through the above venues. That’s not counting print distribution, which will also be increasing steadily.

As far as the eBook schedule, you can look forward to …

The Dragon’s Disciples – July 31st.

Baron of Blood – August 19th.

The Heretic Priest – September 12th.

Meanwhile, all 3 are STILL listed on Amazon for .99 cents each for the month of July. I’m trying really hard to save up for those limited edition hardcovers for a giveaway. What’s going to make them limited edition? Well … that’s another post entirely ….

Your most adored,


Gods of Flesh by Mark T. Shaw – a fresh face in poetry

Gods of Flesh chapbook cover  Hello my darlings!

I am here doing a shameless promotional post for Mark T. Shaw (whose blog can be found HERE). His new book of poetry, entitled Gods of Flesh, is going to be out on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback tomorrow. Gods of Flesh is a powerful work. If you like poetry that deals with the violence, abuse, and pain aspects of relationships just as much as the romance, love, and sex – then this is a perfect read for you. There is also a Greek mythology theme that prevails heavily throughout the work. Thus the title “Gods of Flesh”.

Also, whoever purchases the paperback copy of Gods of Flesh (and can show me a proof of purchase, even if it just a screenshot of the receipt) between now and July 8th will receive a free eBook copy of The Heretic Priest! 😉

Check out Gods of Flesh on Goodreads: and add it to your “To read” pile today!! It is well worth your while.

Your most adored,


Pharun Art- Digital Rendering

Hello my darlings,

It is two in the morning. There is homework I have not done, writing I have yet to do, notes that have not been taken, and emails / messages that have not yet been responded to. But by the gods … Pharun’s portrait has been finished! I got a little lazy with the dragon horns, I will admit. But other than that I really, really like this photo and I HAD TO SHARE IT BY ZEUS.

Yeah, I just didn’t think the black and white sketch did him justice.


Ok, now I swear I am going to bed.

Your most adored,


**UPDATE** on Troubling Times… Cy is blessed by the gods

“Based on the information you provided, CreateSpace will continue moving forward with this content.  Thank you for your time.”

Thank the gods of Olympus!!!!!

Hello my darlings,

That is all good, right? That is good news? That means that they realized that it was just a clerical error, or some sort of misunderstanding, and that everything is cool, right? I was so relieved to receive that email just like, half an hour ago. You have no idea. I have been on edge all day. Every time my little phone played its obnoxious “you have a new email” fanfare I wanted to scream, especially when it turned out to be another housing advertisement or just a piece of junk mail.

But now everything is cool, and I feel like I can breathe again and proceed with Heretic Priest without a problem. Oh my stars, how happy I am. I will be much happier all day because of this.

Meanwhile, I wanted to extend a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last forlorn blog post and gave me encouragement and comfort – you are all so awesome, and while I was waiting on this email to arrive your comments helped me to take a deep breath and not panic. 🙂

It wasn’t so much the idea of legal action that scared me, I think it was mostly just the fear that I would have a giant roadblock in the way of sharing Dragoloth with the rest of the world. You all know how badly I want the rest of the world to love Dragoloth as much as I do.

I will definitely be making some offerings tonight. I think I promised individual sacrifices to the gods as well as one giant offering for all of them. And Zeus has stilled the winds (save for a slight pleasant breeze) and Apollo has warmed the earth to the point where I can give my thanks in comfort and peace. The gods are truly wonderful and I am truly blessed. There will be much thanksgiving and rejoicing in the house of Faust.

Oh, and as promised…


It’s Pharun Tuesday! YAY! (That needs to be a thing, too). Sorry if the picture looks a little smushed. I was trying to play with dimensions and … yeah. I don’t need to be on the internet.

Tomorrow will probably be a snippet of The Heretic Priest. So stay tuned. 🙂

Your most adored,


**WRITING UPDATES** as well as **DRAWING** – Shrukian Mahtrador

Hello darlings!

Before I go into my usual diatribe, it is naked men Thursday! (Is that a thing? Can we make that a thing?) And because he was so kind as to pose for me last night when everyone else was being a little bugger, Crown Prince Shrukian Encarz Mahtrador is the first victim.


Isn’t he a cutie? I did him over in ink and he photographed much better. And look at all that hair … holy Hera I could just eat him up.

But enough of that! I had a question for  you that has kind of been gnawing at my brain lately.

I was wondering about what I could do to further promote my novel while, at the same time, making it cheaper for those of you who would like to purchase it. Because I want my material to be available to as many people as humanly possible. And also, in wake of the fast approaching sequel (the release date being set for August) I was hoping to do some giveaways featuring The Heretic Priest … but the copies from Lulu would be awfully expensive. And while I know one has to spend money to make money (or in this case, promote like a crazy person and reach out to readers) that is a little much to ask of a college student, I think.

So my idea was that I could start binding copies myself. I have the know-how, and the quality wouldn’t be Lulu grade (well, it might could be if I invested enough money into it) but it would allow me to mass-produce and sell copies or MUCH cheaper. The books would also be perfect bound, sewn and glued so it would hold up well. (Production costs would be about five dollars and some change, so I could sell the copies for $6, a great relief from the $15.01 it is currently going for). Naturally this would allow me to do much better with in-person sales, as well as allow me to do more signed copies (because people are just clamoring for my signature :p) as well as let me keep a few copies on hand at any given time. AND it would allow me to host larger giveaways for The Heretic Priest, which would in turn help things out. (I’m sure most of you -all of you – are aware of my presence on Goodreads, which is what all this giveaway talk is about).

So what do you think? (How many parenthetical asides can I stuff into one post?) Mind you that this is NOT in place ofmy traditional self publishing, but rather a SUPPLEMENTto it. This is just another crazy idea I had at one in the morning while taking a break from writing and doing my usual “work”. So, COMMENT and let me know what you think! Am I just wasting my time, or does the idea have merit?

Your most adored,