October Interviews: Austric

What was is your relationship with Domenico like when the two of you are alone?

*snorts* What would I like it to be, or what is it in actuality? Domenico is as infuriating in private as he is in public. The only difference is that in private he sees no reason to be polite. He’s a rogue, and that is what I love about him, but it is also what drives me crazy behind closed doors. Believe it or not, he is quiet for the most part. Unless you get him talking about one of two things he cares about (politics or poetry) and then he will go on and on without stopping for hours. I don’t think he actually needs me to be present for him to continue a conversation, he answers himself often enough. I’ve napped before in his presence and he’s never noticed.

What was it like growing up as an Ercole?

I have never really felt like “an Ercole” growing up. As he likes to mention often enough, Adriel became everything that father and aunt Nerissa wanted. Most days I was alone. I actually became very fond of reading, and I enjoyed fairy tales. When I was little I would act them out until one of my nurses stopped me for my ‘frivolous and ridiculous’ behavior.

Give us some dirt on your brothers.

You mean my cousins? I remember how Adriel used to disappear for hours and none of the attendants could ever find him. I stumbled across him, one day, on all fours romping around with the hounds and¬†kissing them. I was too busy laughing to confront him at the time, but I will forever cling to the hope that he has some deep-seated “special love” for dogs.

Benito has a weak bladder. He had to wear napkins until he was almost seven. To this day he cannot go a full hour without having to relieve himself. I used to tease him about it, but there was one day when he held me face-down in a rain barrel and wouldn’t let me up until I swore to never mention it again.

What was the most difficult thing you experienced growing up?

I would say the distinct absence of love and affection, but how can you miss something you have never before experienced? Perhaps the most difficult thing I experienced was finding ways to catch up to my cousins. Talk about an insurmountable hill.

One Lovely Blog Award


Hello my loves!

Taking a small break from the interviews for a second. I was nominated (like, FOREVER ago) for the One Lovely Blog Award by the very awesome Deby Fredericks! So THANK YOU, again, I am so flattered that you thought of me! I’ve been sitting on top of this email for weeks and then my work email went down inexplicably for a while. And of course, I’m so organized. Nevertheless, blog awards are great and so much fun! I enjoy participating and keeping the love spreading. ūüôā

Award rules are to thank the nominator (double check!), disclose seven facts about yourself, and nominate others. Is it any amount of others or is there a number? I’m just going to nominate however many I want, how about that.

So here we go! First, let me get my seven facts out of the way.

1. I am a trans male, married to a trans feminine non-binary.

2. I really love makeup. I love makeup so much that my ‘makeup box’ is actually a legitimate toolbox.

3. I love theatre, I was a huge theatre nerd in high school.

4. I used to write a lot of plays. (That kind of builds off #3, is that cheating?)

5. I actually wrote, directed, and performed in a play that had actual attendants who paid to be there. The results are still on Youtube somewhere.

6. Almost half of the characters in my books are based off people I know in real life.

7. When I look back, I honestly can’t remember a time when I was not writing. I had the first early draft of The Dragon’s Disciples finished by the time I was 15 or 16.

Cool! Now the nominees.

Legends of Windemere ( http://legendsofwindemere.com )

Aleksis Faust  ( http://aleksisfaust.wordpress.com )

A Small Press Life ( http://onetrackmuse.com )

Vampires, Crime and Angels… Eclectic Me (¬†http://ellelainey.wordpress.com )

If you’ve done this award recently I declare you exempt from doing it again.

Have fun!

October Interviews – Pharun

– Image is DeviantArt’s¬†Mir Nye-

It’s finally October, which means the character interviews are finally popping up! Today we have Pharun in the hotseat.



How did you and Felix meet?

High Priest Gwynafor had just died and of course, I was summoned to step in and name the next High Priest. Felix was just an adorable little cleric, then, with big blue eyes and an earnest face. I wanted nothing more than to ruin all of the innocence behind his smile, even though that is what drew me to him, and what I fell in love with. 

Why do you keep Jhauril around?

Darling, some things are beyond the understanding of even the gods. Jhauril has over the years been belligerent, mean, and unattractive as always… yet he’s also been loyal, and he has attached himself to me, and I can’t seem to rip out the stitches that bind us together. He has done many things that are not worthy of forgiveness, but…

What was it like being the eldest child?

It’s a burden, honestly. You are constantly being held responsible for the errors of your younger, stupid siblings. When Shrukian was three and he tried to eat a beetle and started crying because it wanted to crawl up his nose, who do you think got the blame? I never even got to experience the benefits of being the older sibling. Everyone has always treated me as though as I am the youngest, the bastard outcast – the last-ditch effort of my father’s loins. The only thing I have ever been able to do is say “Because I am older” and trust me, darling, at my age that taunt loses a lot of its charm.

What was Shrukian like as a young boy?

He was an absolute moron. The aforementioned beetle incident was not an isolated one. He was always trying to eat everything, whether or not it moved, and he was always trying to hit you with something trying to pretend he was a knight. When he started growing he became a clumsy little weed. Encarz had to throw him into the army to keep him from getting lost underneath the maid’s skirts.¬†

What was Olympia like as a teenager?

She was as she continues to be – a pain in my ass. I tried to avoid her at all costs, though I do remember her and Shrukian being glued to the – hip – at some point. I always assumed she would end up making babies before her sixteenth year… and then I dreamt that Encarz would be forced to sell her to some disgusting old lord who would take her away forever. I never quite got my wish.¬†She was always obsessed with being the most beautiful or the most intimidating. It never worked.¬†

What’s something Shrukian doesn’t want anyone to know about his past?

He almost set the castle on fire, once. He was in bed with a lady that no one cared about and he thought to dabble in sadism by lighting a candle and dripping the wax onto her back. Well, the candle lit the bed canopy on fire, which set the curtains on fire, which would have spread to the entire castle if he hadn’t thought to get me. I will never forget the sight of him half-naked and quaking in terror. He owed me for that one.¬†

Book Recommendation of the Day – The Cellist by Elaine White



THIS is why you need to be on Wattpad, because this exists! Click here to go read! 

Blurb:¬†After six years, cellist Roman returns home in search of more than just international fame. He attends college on a one month trial basis, hoping to prove to himself and his boyfriend Benjamin that he’s capable of living a normal life. There’s one complication he didn’t count on. His high school crush, the straight, untouchable Jaxton is there when he arrives. And his best friend Thayer takes an instant shine to Roman, arranging to see him play at a local club, Crimson 8. With prior warning that the club is a gay man’s fantasy come true, where anything and everything can happen, Jaxton is dragged along with a group of his friends to see Roman play. What happens that night, and the next, will change the course of all their lives forever.


So I deleted my previous post because after contacting my publisher today, we came to an understanding. Due to unforeseeable circumstances on their end, I am now free of my contract and can once more let my books go live on Amazon.

WHICH IS AWESOME. Because now I feel like I can finally make REAL progress with “The Bitch King” instead of letting it drift in limbo (as it has been for almost a year). “Drams” is still set for its October 1st release, and “Baron of Poison” (sequel to Baron of Blood) is also a project in queue.

So now that I have more control, my writing is going to pick up pace. I’m going to be very busy.

Here is a peek at what the series are going to look like, with the unpublished titles marked in purple.

Age of Waking Death Series

The Dragon’s Disciples

The Heretic Priest

The Hollow Living

The Bitch King

The Queen of Nothing

The Final Knell

Dawning Era Saga

Baron of Blood

Baron of Poison

Baron of Madness

Vile Novellas

Mr. Fingers


He Came Back

I Have to Go

Daughter of Mr. Fingers

Her Majesty’s Spider

Her Majesty’s Spider

Her Grace’s Hope

Her Own

Misc Works


My writing queue is maybe unreasonably long.

DRAMS – new crowdfunding campaign!

Hello, my darlings! I have put up a new crowdfunding campaign for “Drams” to help cover the printing and distribution costs! My brain is exhausted from writing the pitch, so I don’t have much clever to say here. Just click the button below if you want to check it out, and then don’t forget to spread the word! Much love.¬†


New Project, some strategy

Hello my lovelies! 

It’s been a few days, but in my defense I’ve been working diligently on my latest project. And I’m going to be actively updating this blog for a few weeks because I want to try a more organized strategy for its release.¬†

About this project: It’s under a new pen name, J.M. Morgan. Why? Because I like to try different things. (So far it’s just for this one book, I’m not changing my entire identity. It’s like A.N. Roquelaure or Anne Rampling). Because this book has a different feel and message from what I am used to writing, I feel like it deserves to be separated from my dark fantasy brand.¬†

Themes of the project:¬†It focuses largely on social injustice, while also reading as a paranormal / kind of an urban fantasy novel. It also focuses on the morality of murder, issues of race, etc. It is meant to be, in some aspects, blatant and offensive. It is about two ghetto white boys who witness their Hispanic friend get harassed and shot by a cop. Then they do drugs, summon a demon¬†on accident,¬†and decide to exact their own justice by killing people who “deserve” to die, including the cop. And of course, because it’s me, there is an LGBT presence – the two main characters are gay. Other themes include grief (due to the loss of a child), separation from family, the sex trade as a business (such as with webcam performers), and suicide. It covers a lot of heavy, dark shit but there is also some dark comedy and levity between the lines. There is also a good deal of strong language (and I do mean “shit” and “fuck” is abundant).¬†

Length: I do not know yet how long it is going to be. I intend for it to be full novel length but it may fall a bit short, depending on how things go. 

Title:¬†The standing title right now is “Drams”, a slang term for Dramamine, a drug that people abuse for a high but is used most often to alleviate sea sickness.¬†

What I would like from YOU: There are many ways I would like to get people excited about this book. Whether you end up loving it or absolutely HATING it I want to hear why. I want to know what chords were struck – I want the full¬†experience from the reader. I don’t necessarily want to hear about how technically good / bad it is, or how well / poorly written (though if you wish to tell me, I always appreciate some criticism). So here are some things I want to do to prepare for its release, and I need YOUR help!!¬†

  • COMMENT here, MESSAGE me on Facebook, or EMAIL me if you are interested in receiving a review copy once the project is complete. I will send you a copy in any preferred format (.PDF, .MOBI, or .EPUB) in exchange for a review posted on Amazon / other vendors the week of its release. I will try to send out review copies at least 2-4 weeks in advance, depending on how the word count turns out.¬†
  • I don’t necessarily want paragraphs of professional quality reviews. I just want to know why you love / hate it, what parts made your gut twist, what parts made you laugh – that sort of thing.¬†
  • If you are interested in reading and potentially buying, but you don’t want to commit to a review, that’s fine, too! I will send you a SAMPLE of the book, and if you decide to BUY, then my goal is to get as many buyers as possible to make their purchase on the release day. So if possible, please make your purchase on the day it comes out!¬†
  • Start discussions about the project! Even if you haven’t read it yet, you know now the themes and ideas. I’d love to talk about them with you, whether as an official “interview” on your page or just in the comments section. I want to generate interest but I also just love talking about the content. This is something I am very, very excited about.¬†
  • Subscribe to my newsletter (if you were subscribed to my old one, that one is no longer in commission, so I have a new one) for an easier way to keep up with everything!¬†

I will also be working on promotional packages, freebies, etc to build up further excitement. If you have any more ideas or suggestions, comment, message, or email! 

You are all wonderful. I hope this really takes off Рas you can see, I am very enthusiastic and optimistic about this project!! 

Why do I write LGBTQA fiction?

So, let’s talk for a minute about how … instead of writing my book … I’m going to write this blog post instead. #procrastination

I just wanted to talk about how / why I write for the LGBTQ community… and what I think some of the assumptions about my writing might be when people discover this.

First of all, I am part of the LGBTQ community. As both a trans male and an identifying pansexual, I have grown accustomed to both having to defend my identity and explaining it to those who are not familiar with my lifestyle. This is one reason that many of the characters (I think it’s safe to say… a good 96%) are either gay or bisexual, to boil it down to the simplest of terms. As the series continues and the characters evolve, a few of them have become more and more gender ambiguous as well. I also think this is important. Who wants cisgendered heterosexual characters ALL of the time?

I write for characters that are gay, bisexual, gender queer, gender fluid, asexual, transgendered, etc because I am ready for these characters to STOP becoming a novelty. They are not plot twists, they are not overbearing stereotypes, they do not exist as taboos. I’m tired of reading books where openly gay characters are flamboyant and lisping, almost always elves, almost always some sort of minstrel or assassin. Fantasy characters, just like people in real life, come in all shapes, sizes, colors, professions, and personalities. That is why Shrukian, the tall, broad, masculine soldier, exists alongside his slender, foppish, snarky brother Pharun. They both have very similar sexualities (Pharun has a preference towards men, but can enjoy a powerful woman. And Shrukian is the opposite). (Oh, by the way, maybe a spoiler alert). But guess what? Their sexuality is not the focal point of the books. That leads into my next point …

I want to see LGBTQ characters become more mainstream, and I want them to be as normal in fantasy as hetero cisgenders. As a teenager I would have loved to read the books that I am writing now. I wanted more characters with flexible sexualities and gender performances. Even in a frighteningly misogynistic society like Dragoloth, men are not looked down upon for bathing and wearing perfume. Meanwhile, I want to also include more pro-female societies. But while I am on my way to accomplishing this, I am  quickly inserting more powerful female characters into the Age of Waking Death series (see Nerissa as my prime example, I love her to death).

People might assume that because I write gay fiction I might just have a lot of poorly written sex and romance scenes. But honestly, a lot of my sex happens off-camera, because I am much more interested in the political intrigue and family dynamics. My work is based on how people interact with each other and how societies can be changed when a single head falls.

I don’t write these books to be shocking or different, I write them because they are a reflection of my soul and my journey, and I always hope that there is someone out there who will be able to read between the lines and relate.

Bitch King – Excerpt

Sunday is almost over, you guys. What does the week to come hold for you? We’ve got a lot going on over here. A trip to see the family is coming up next Saturday, and I get to do all of the cleaning, laundry, and packing, etc that prefaces such a treat. Hopefully I will be able to shove my writing in there somewhere! Until then, here is a little taste of the Bitch King, which will hopefully take a little of the edge off your Monday. Enjoy!



I swear. A lot. Surely you have noticed.

I do not appreciate it when ‘excessive’ profanity is equated with a lower intellect or a thin vocabulary. I consider myself to be very clever and intellectual. My vocabulary is in no way lacking. Just because I do not speak in paragraphs and employ every word in my repertoire in daily conversation does not mean I am stupid.

My characters also swear. A lot. Does that take down the value of my writing? Not in my opinion. My characters behave like real people. I’m sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities. If you want to read nothing but high-minded, heavy literature … then the Bronte sisters await your leisure.

Swearing is a marvelous way to express some of the most base human emotions. Anger, fear, violence, and excitement are given voice through the simplest four-letter words. How is that not amazing to you? Does it frighten you that the core of our being can be condensed in such a manner?

I prefer to think you are frightened. I’d rather that than assume you are a fucking pompous ass.