Letter to my Landlord

Pierced and Packing

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this forever, now. Just a ranty post. Because my landlords are terrible and I’ve had a lot of stuff I’ve wanted to get off my chest about our 2+ years with them. (We’re leaving soon, thank the gods). If you are ever in Greensboro, North Carolina do not ever rent from Wallace and Associates. Or, if you do… just consider reading on so you know what you’re getting into.

Dear Wallace and Associates,

We find ourselves, after two years of living here, being forced to take our leave of this humble dwelling. Why? Well, there are many reasons – not the least of which is that you are raising the rent. Again. I’m sure it’s worth it. And I do appreciate the fact that you would like to start showing the place to prospective tenants for next year only about halfway through…

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