October Interviews: Meridith

image credit: elephant wendigo (deviantart)


What was your relationship with Pharun like when you two were still boys?

I did not have any brothers, and Pharun didn’t have any that he liked. Holidays were the best because it meant that our fathers would travel to see each other and Pharun and I could wreak havoc together for a solid month or more. Our relationship did not begin to form until we were both a little older, perhaps seven or eight, because that was when my mother died and Encarz mended his relationship with my father. Even though I am closer to Olympia’s age, Pharun always treated me like his equal. We had a lot of fun and created many good memories.

How do you think time affects friendships?

Time has a habit of wearing down and peeling away the pretty outer layer of most things, that includes friendships. Unless, of course, those who share them care enough to maintain the bond. I don’t think Pharun ever put any thought into our friendship, he just assumed it was effortless and would continue to be so, withstanding time and war. That is not how it works… friendships begin effortlessly and you have to keep them well your entire life or they dissipate.

Can you trust anyone?

Not anymore.

How did you and Ravenel meet?

I was actually visiting Pharun at the time. I had brought with me my young ward, Shiva, with whom I was ridiculously infatuated. Ravenel was a slave that Olympia had acquired for her pleasure. She had treated him badly, I won’t go into the gory details. But Shiva found him hiding underneath the bed in our guest room and had to spend the better part of fifteen minutes coaxing him to come out. Shiva hid him from me for the first few days, only revealing him to me once his wounds had begun to heal. Like a guilty child who wants to keep the stray puppy he found, he pleaded with me to let him keep the boy. I was jealous of their friendship, I admit, but I agreed. Ravenel went home with us when we left, I don’t think Olympia ever missed him.

Describe a favorite moment between you and Ravenel.

My memories of Ravenel are so polluted with the times of turmoil that I can’t pull out a favorite memory, at least not easily. It is hard to talk about. Perhaps I’ll come back to this question in the future.

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