One Lovely Blog Award


Hello my loves!

Taking a small break from the interviews for a second. I was nominated (like, FOREVER ago) for the One Lovely Blog Award by the very awesome Deby Fredericks! So THANK YOU, again, I am so flattered that you thought of me! I’ve been sitting on top of this email for weeks and then my work email went down inexplicably for a while. And of course, I’m so organized. Nevertheless, blog awards are great and so much fun! I enjoy participating and keeping the love spreading. 🙂

Award rules are to thank the nominator (double check!), disclose seven facts about yourself, and nominate others. Is it any amount of others or is there a number? I’m just going to nominate however many I want, how about that.

So here we go! First, let me get my seven facts out of the way.

1. I am a trans male, married to a trans feminine non-binary.

2. I really love makeup. I love makeup so much that my ‘makeup box’ is actually a legitimate toolbox.

3. I love theatre, I was a huge theatre nerd in high school.

4. I used to write a lot of plays. (That kind of builds off #3, is that cheating?)

5. I actually wrote, directed, and performed in a play that had actual attendants who paid to be there. The results are still on Youtube somewhere.

6. Almost half of the characters in my books are based off people I know in real life.

7. When I look back, I honestly can’t remember a time when I was not writing. I had the first early draft of The Dragon’s Disciples finished by the time I was 15 or 16.

Cool! Now the nominees.

Legends of Windemere ( )

Aleksis Faust  ( )

A Small Press Life ( )

Vampires, Crime and Angels… Eclectic Me ( )

If you’ve done this award recently I declare you exempt from doing it again.

Have fun!


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