October Interviews – Cyrano!

Image credit: kir_tat, deviantart


What was Austric like growing up?

An absolutely worthless child. He cried over everything, he was always pleading for attention, and he had no ambition to grow into anything useful. I had too many duties to give him a generous amount of my time. Then again, if he had earned it I might have made more of an effort.

Which of your sons are you most proud of?

Austric is my only son. Adriel is my nephew, and I must say that he is the one who has proved himself most worthy of my praise. He is good to his mother, he is good for the family, and he is a model for his brothers. He is a ruthless assassin and yet he has not allowed his line of work to turn him into a recluse. He would make an excellent baron.

What was it like being married to Nerissa?

To be clear, I never married Nerissa. She was my sister, and while our relationship would be considered an intimate one, we were never wed. I married a woman named Vincentia and she married a man named Ettore. After their deaths we simply never remarried, focusing instead on the family we had. It was better at that point to not branch out.  My sister is strong in ways that most women could not comprehend, or would fear trying to achieve. She is a joy and a thrill to engage with.

Are you whipped?


Me: Does Nerissa control your every movement.

I should certainly say not. Make no mistake, Nerissa is a strong and admirable woman – but she and I operate as a team. One or the other may gain leverage now and then, but for the most part we live and work on equal plains. At least as far as our relationship is concerned. Society, obviously, tries to force us to turn in different circles.


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