October Interviews – Adriel!

Catching up – don’t mind me!


What is something people might find surprising about living in the Ercole family?

Many people don’t understand that we operate as a single unit. We are not the kind of family to fight each other to achieve petty goals (*side eye to the Mahtradors*). Rather, we back each other up. The Family comes first no matter what. Our goals are one, to maintain its dignity expand its reach. That being said, there will always be one who refuses to cooperate (Austric).

How do you get along with your siblings?

I was raised to support my siblings and be a role model for them. Benito and I are close in age. We were able to play and learn together when we were younger, and being such a tightly knit family, it was easy for us to bond. Our brother, Cappi, is significantly younger than us and it is harder to share the same bond with him, but we still have his back one hundred percent.

Who was your first love?

Mmph. Love? I’ve hardly had time for love. Work and family are my priorities. The closest I have come to romantic love so far is in my admiration for the king Encarz. That was, of course, a foolish fantasy considering the end he met.

What was your first kill like?

Like taking my first steps, I hardly remember it. I was very young and though I had been trained, I was inexperienced. My uncle went with me on the first job and though he kept the operation running smoothly, he did not interfere with my kill. I do remember it being harder than I thought it would be. I ended up stabbing the target several times before they finally died. It took them almost half an hour to stop breathing. If my uncle had not been there, I probably would have panicked.


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