October Interviews – Encarz!

Handing the mic over to Encarz. It’s a bloody miracle, I haven’t heard the man speak for months!


Was it hard murdering your own mother?

Not especially. Pushing someone off a balcony railing  does not warrant much physical effort. Did I regret it? I might have, if I had given myself the time. But once I looked down and saw her blood running down the iron fence posts and into the snow… I knew there was no time for something as time-consuming as even a tinge of sadness. There was too much that had to be done following her demise.

Have you ever fallen in love?

Once, I think it was safe to say I was in love. But the act of loving never served me, it only brought destruction to those I chose to inflict my affections upon.

Now that Pharun has taken the throne from you, have your feelings towards him changed?

Feelings? No. I have no feelings towards him. He has never been more to me than a crippling inconvenience and a cruel infliction from the gods. Do I see him, now, in a different light? I see him as capable of doing more than just talk. He accomplished what he said he would do, and that is worthy of note (even if it took him for goddamn ever).

What does it take to have a long reign as a king?

You must put the kingdom and the throne above all else. A man who is incapable of putting his lover, his family, or his friends second is not fit to rule for any length of time. A king must be iron, he must be solid and resolute and unforgiving. That is what I hope for in Shrukian, if he ever has a chance for the throne.


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