October Interviews – Ekaterini!

More interview catching up!! Image credit: dashinvaine


What was Encarz’s father like? How did you two meet?

My husband, Prokopios, was exactly as you would expect. He was a weak man who overcompensated for his shortcomings with feigned ambition and cruelty. When I was young, too young to marry, I was given to be his wife. Had I a choice, I would have never married such a fool.

What was Encarz’s relationship with his father? Was there one?

Prokopios was too busy stirring up minor skirmishes with his barons and pretending to be king. When he did pay attention to his sons, it was only to inflict pain and abuse. He was often drunk and he had a temper that was quick to combust. He made sure they hated him.

What was Encarz like growing up?

He was a good boy. He loved his mother. He was a fine man, a good warrior, a sharp thinker. He was intelligent beyond his years but always very down-to-earth. I appreciated that he was not a man of nonsense – not like his brother. Graeme was always an inspired mind and a very dull child.

Do you take your murder personally?

Of course I do. What kind of ungrateful, terrible boy kills his own mother who gave him the world? He could have been so happy if he had just trusted me as he used to.

What was it like ruling as a woman in Dragoloth?

Very difficult. Everyone wants to make you jump through as many hoops as possible. Perhaps if i had taken things over in a different way it could have been another story.

Describe a time when you put a man in his place.

Besides the time when I made my husband swallow poison, and then had him buried while he was still breathing? (Something they don’t tell you, in the history books).

When did you first get a taste of real power?

As soon as Prokopios died, and I could breathe again as a woman who was not controlled by her husband.

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