October Interviews – Shrukian!

-This one is fairly short. Feel free to add any additional questions in the comments!-

-image credit: Alex Zappa

Describe an embarrassing event from Pharun’s childhood.

I can’t believe he told you that fire story.
Me: Shhh!!! Can you just answer the question please?

You want to know his most embarrassing moment? When he was seven or eight he was the roundest member of our family. Yes, he had fat cheeks and chubby legs and you could roll him like a barrel. He was such a little prat, too… one day we just got sick of him being a little asshole and we (Olympia and I) tripped him in the hallway. He fell down some stairs – he BOUNCED – and once he hit the ground he just kept rolling. We were too busy laughing to even bother to help him. Obviously he was fine. But he deserved it. Little prick.

What was your first crush like?

It was strange and it felt wrong, because she was my sister. Puberty is kind of like getting hit in the face repeatedly with your own cock. It slammed into me hard. I saw stars for weeks. It’s like I just woke up one day and realized that she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen or ever would see. My crush was a secret for a full year because I didn’t know how to approach her about it.

Describe how you first met Septimus >:3

We were in a prison in Avralaen, believe it or not. We were confined to the same cell. He did not speak a lick of Common and I had no clue as to what in the seven hells he was saying. He was a type of Verian, that was all I knew, but not like I had ever seen. We spent enough time in that cell that learning how to communicate was all we had to do. Well, almost all we had to do… >.>


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