October Interviews – Pharun

– Image is DeviantArt’s Mir Nye-

It’s finally October, which means the character interviews are finally popping up! Today we have Pharun in the hotseat.



How did you and Felix meet?

High Priest Gwynafor had just died and of course, I was summoned to step in and name the next High Priest. Felix was just an adorable little cleric, then, with big blue eyes and an earnest face. I wanted nothing more than to ruin all of the innocence behind his smile, even though that is what drew me to him, and what I fell in love with. 

Why do you keep Jhauril around?

Darling, some things are beyond the understanding of even the gods. Jhauril has over the years been belligerent, mean, and unattractive as always… yet he’s also been loyal, and he has attached himself to me, and I can’t seem to rip out the stitches that bind us together. He has done many things that are not worthy of forgiveness, but…

What was it like being the eldest child?

It’s a burden, honestly. You are constantly being held responsible for the errors of your younger, stupid siblings. When Shrukian was three and he tried to eat a beetle and started crying because it wanted to crawl up his nose, who do you think got the blame? I never even got to experience the benefits of being the older sibling. Everyone has always treated me as though as I am the youngest, the bastard outcast – the last-ditch effort of my father’s loins. The only thing I have ever been able to do is say “Because I am older” and trust me, darling, at my age that taunt loses a lot of its charm.

What was Shrukian like as a young boy?

He was an absolute moron. The aforementioned beetle incident was not an isolated one. He was always trying to eat everything, whether or not it moved, and he was always trying to hit you with something trying to pretend he was a knight. When he started growing he became a clumsy little weed. Encarz had to throw him into the army to keep him from getting lost underneath the maid’s skirts. 

What was Olympia like as a teenager?

She was as she continues to be – a pain in my ass. I tried to avoid her at all costs, though I do remember her and Shrukian being glued to the – hip – at some point. I always assumed she would end up making babies before her sixteenth year… and then I dreamt that Encarz would be forced to sell her to some disgusting old lord who would take her away forever. I never quite got my wish. She was always obsessed with being the most beautiful or the most intimidating. It never worked. 

What’s something Shrukian doesn’t want anyone to know about his past?

He almost set the castle on fire, once. He was in bed with a lady that no one cared about and he thought to dabble in sadism by lighting a candle and dripping the wax onto her back. Well, the candle lit the bed canopy on fire, which set the curtains on fire, which would have spread to the entire castle if he hadn’t thought to get me. I will never forget the sight of him half-naked and quaking in terror. He owed me for that one. 


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