So I deleted my previous post because after contacting my publisher today, we came to an understanding. Due to unforeseeable circumstances on their end, I am now free of my contract and can once more let my books go live on Amazon.

WHICH IS AWESOME. Because now I feel like I can finally make REAL progress with “The Bitch King” instead of letting it drift in limbo (as it has been for almost a year). “Drams” is still set for its October 1st release, and “Baron of Poison” (sequel to Baron of Blood) is also a project in queue.

So now that I have more control, my writing is going to pick up pace. I’m going to be very busy.

Here is a peek at what the series are going to look like, with the unpublished titles marked in purple.

Age of Waking Death Series

The Dragon’s Disciples

The Heretic Priest

The Hollow Living

The Bitch King

The Queen of Nothing

The Final Knell

Dawning Era Saga

Baron of Blood

Baron of Poison

Baron of Madness

Vile Novellas

Mr. Fingers


He Came Back

I Have to Go

Daughter of Mr. Fingers

Her Majesty’s Spider

Her Majesty’s Spider

Her Grace’s Hope

Her Own

Misc Works


My writing queue is maybe unreasonably long.


4 thoughts on “I LIVE.

  1. You’re such a tease! You do realise that when the Bitch King comes out, I’m going to have to re-read the entire first 3 books…you know…just because I love Pharun and Felix so much. 😉 I’ve got Baron of Blood, waiting to be read, so I’m desperate to get that in soon.

    And just so you know, Drams kicked some serious ass! It was amazing. My review will be up soon. ❤

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