I bet you know what I’m thinking…

I’m thinking October is the perfect time to delve until uncomfortable, unhappy pasts!

Surely you have wondered things about Pharun’s childhood, or Shrukian’s teenage years. But not just the general stuff. The specifics.

Well, this is your lucky month! Starting on the first and going until I run out of characters, you get to ask questions about the gritty details that otherwise may never have been told.

Just so you know, Shrukian’s face looks like this:



As usual, there are a million ways to ask! Don’t be shy. Comment here, on Facebook, or even on Twitter using #bitchking (still trying to make that a thing). You can also email me at writeme@cn-faust.com – and you know I love to hear from you!

Here is what the character lineup looks like so far:


1st – Pharun

2nd – Shrukian

3rd – Olympia

4th – Ekaterini

5th – Encarz

6th – Graeme

7th – Adriel

8th – Cyrano

9th – Nerissa

10th – Austric

11th – Benito

12th – Felix

13th – Meridith

14th – Domenico

15th – Malhii

16th – Brisha and Raul

17th – Ravenel

18th – Jhauril

19th – Varijin

20th – YOUR PICK!

That’s all I’ve got so far. Maybe not a full month’s worth, but a respectable amount! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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