DRAMS – Drumming up some hype!

Hello my darlings! Are you excited for “Drams”? It is coming up very, very soon! I’ve been on fire with this project, working on it for hours at a time like it’s my full time job (which, actually, it is right now). As promised I am going to have some lovely merch and freebies for you soon, but until then, you know you want a little taste.

That’s why I’m going to do this – SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter (HERE) and on Monday (September 1st) anyone who is subscribed will receive an exclusive sneak peek in their email inbox. You have until midnight on Sunday to receive this sweet, sweet peek… so don’t hesitate! Click the link before this post gets lost in cyberspace! 

I will not be posting this sample on my blog. This could very well be your only chance to get a look at the action before it hits stores. 

Oh, and did I mention that anyone who is subscribed to my newsletter will also be the first to see the new merchandise, and will receive a 20% off or more coupon as long as other amazing deals? It doesn’t stop there – it only gets more delicious! 

So don’t be shy – SUBSCRIBE now!! The clock is ticking! 

3 thoughts on “DRAMS – Drumming up some hype!

  1. Very cool. By the way, I subscribed to the newsletter and something strange happened. I typed my info in, but it was white lettering on the white background. I had to highlight to make sure I spelled everything right.

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