DRAMS – cover art – part 2

Another piece of cover art that I am considering. Again, your vote is what helps make the decision!! What do you think of this one, in comparison to the original? 

No, I haven’t slept. Why do you ask? 


2 thoughts on “DRAMS – cover art – part 2

  1. This one gives more of an indication that it’s either a murder-mystery or a thriller because of the gun, so if I were looking at it, I would instantly know the genre. Still not sure about the title.

    • I’m glad this one is better – although I’m still going to strive for that ‘perfect’ cover that says everything. ‘Drams’ is actually a slang term for ‘Dramamine’, a drug that is used to treat seasickness but is often abused for a high. It’s the drug of choice for the main characters.

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