Weirdest Childhood Memory?

Hey guys, I’m here today (tonight, this morning? It’s 1:30 AM and I’m not counting anymore) wondering about your strangest childhood memory. I’ve been reading a lot about children who have past life memories and imaginary friends who turn out to be dead relatives they never met, and it all got me thinking about my own mundane childhood where nothing nearly as paranormal ever happened. Still, I wanted to share with you MY strangest childhood memory. When i was really young I used to carry around a little journal and a pen with me at all times for whenever inspiration struck. I would write little short stories about faeries or gnomes or French lovers throwing themselves off cliffs – all completely normal stuff. However, I distinctly recall that one day I woke up and for the life of me could not remember how to spell the word “of”. I tried to ask my mom how to spell it, but I couldn’t remember how to describe it, either. So I just walked around continuing on with my writing and whenever the need for the treacherous word arose, I concluded that it was spelled exactly like it sounded, “ov”. Eventually I made my mother read one of my short stories and she caught sight of my spelling. Naturally she was not pleased because I was homeschooled and she knew very well that she had taught me how to spell. My mistake was swiftly corrected. Yet it still remains one of my weirdest childhood recollections because I remember it being so sudden and confusing. 

Possible explanations – alien abduction and brain probing? 

Share YOUR strangest childhood memory! Respond on your own blog, comment here with the link, and I’ll reblog the post! I’m looking forward to hearing all ov your responses! 


One thought on “Weirdest Childhood Memory?

  1. For some reason most of childhood is a haze. I daydreamed a lot, so there are some memories that are more fiction than reality. For example, I believed for a few years that a baby gorilla got over the protective moat in its enclosure while I was watching. Supposedly it climbed up right in front of me and then went back. Nobody believed me and the lack of chaos kind of goes in their favor. So I was pretty good at tricking my own mind into altering reality.

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