Insert Proof of Baby Status

I spent a lot of time making up for my summer of squalor last night. With my nose buried in a notebook (I have to do these things on paper or else I will never get them done) I finished sketching out almost the entire plot for The Bitch King. It’s about damn time. You would think Pharun would be more eager to get a book almost entirely to himself… but I think he is a little jealous of some new characters that are stepping in and grabbing my attention. You know, I’ve counted, and so far you guys get a grand total of 1…2… new characters. I would give you a delicious teaser by saying that some of them fill in the empty antagonist spaces left by Encarz… but … who is to say that Pharun himself has not become the antagonist? 

Shrukian says Pharun has always been the villain. Just ignore him. He’s grumpy. 

And for those of you who don’t know – I posted this on my Facebook page a while back but I have not done a lot of follow up – I am going to be a father! And I have a little belly to prove it. When will this come to be, you ask? Well as usual it’s only nature’s guess, but the doctors are projecting February 10th, so we are anticipating a little Aquarius baby. Maybe I should celebrate by finding out which of my characters are Aquarius’ and doing a piece on them. 

That’s why I’m trying so hard to get the Bitch King finished as soon as possible. Once the munchkin comes, who knows when I will have time to actually, steadily write for a while. Regardless, I am as happy as can be. 

Seen below, proof of impending baby status. 



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