It’s about time I got some writing done. I finally sat down and finished out a whole new chapter of “the Bitch King”. It is not a lot of progress, but it is some progress nonetheless. I have not exhausted my inspiration but I am forcing myself to take a break so I don’t squeeze myself dry, forcing myself into another two week hiatus.

I did re-vamp the covers of the series… again. I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST TIME. I also updated the look of the website, and all of that good stuff. My roommate calls updating book covers my “hobby”. Maybe if I get good enough at it I can do them for other people instead of constantly tearing down and building up my own.

Anyway, here is a picture of the new lineup! I might have some more sneak previews of the Bitch King coming up soon, and don’t forget that a copy of The Dragon’s Disciples is still up for grabs! The June giveaway will end soon. And I have a cool idea for a July contest that I think will be fun. More details on that later!

And thanks to everyone who replied to my last post about advertising. It’s still a struggle, but I think I’m going to be able to see it through. Just have to keep researching and communicating with other writers!

If you haven’t already, stop by my Facebook page ( ) and give it a “like”, and feel free to send me a friend request as well (Cyrus N Bonham) . Also be sure to like and share the June giveaway with all of your nerdy fantasy reading friends!

And as promised, here is the new cover line-up. So lovely, imho. 😮

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