Quotes that Defined My Childhood

1. I am Egypt! I am the morning and the evening star. If I say day is night then it shall be written. 



2. Now you shall deal with me, o’ prince, and all the powers of Hell. 



3. Oo-de-la-lee, fortune tellers! FORTUNE FORECASTS, LUCKY CHARMS! What’s the dope with your horoscope? 



4. I had a little trouble with the fireplace. 


5. Ooh, leaf. OOH, MIGHT ATTACK ME. Ooh, it’s a SCARY tree. I’m afraid! (also, everything else Kuzco ever said). 


6. Hey nonny nonny, hey nonny nonny! 


7. I’d rather be smart than be an actor! 


8. “Let your sword do the talking!” “I will and it shall be loquacious to a fault!” 


9. Everything ever uttered by Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder. 

blackadder1 blackadder2 blackadder3 blackadder4


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