Hello my beautiful ones. I hope your Wednesday is treating you well. I’ve seen better hump days, but I’m still alive so I guess we all have something to be grateful for.

I’m actually here to ask a question this time. It’s about advertising, which I am sure you have all noticed I am terrible with. How do you, my fellow authors out here, advertise your works – generally and genre-specifically? I’ve been thinking about taking out print ads in newspapers / literary magazines and the like, I’ve even though about buying ad space on websites, but I have heard that buying an ad on Facebook or (hell forbid that unholy site) Goodreads is a waste of time and money. (Yes, I hate Goodreads. That is probably a whole ‘nother blog post, though.)

So, yes, your opinion? Any and all advice would be greatly welcomed. I have already done the “usual” things. My email signature has my website and banner in it, my website is up-to date, easy to access, and I have my own URL. I have business cards and bookmarks. I have my own FB page and I have a twitter and an instagram, but I need something else, something that will get more publicity.

Thank you, in advance. xxx

– Cy


3 thoughts on “Advertising?

  1. I use a lot of on-line marketing sites to create a spread/net of influence. Seems to keep me going between releases. As far as social media, I signed up with everything that you can connect to WordPress like Tumblr, Google +, LinkedIn, and one or two others. I rarely go to them, but they’re another site where my stuff can be seen. Pinterest is another useful place and all/most Amazon products have a Pinterest button among the other sharing options.

  2. I seldom pay for advertising, per se, although if I’m appearing at conventions sometimes I put ads in the program book. But I haven’t bought print, broadcast or Internet ads. 1) I can’t afford it and 2) I prefer to just more chat with people and make a good impression, hoping when I mention books from time to time they’ll take an interest because I’ve been friendly and contributed to the discussion.

  3. I have tried a lot of different things, book blogs, paid ads in magazines, Goodreads giveaways, sending out review copies, and so on and so forth, but so far the only thing that has had any positive effect on sales is word of mouth advertising. My readers tell their friends about my books, and those friends read them and tell more people. It’s very slow, but it does build up over time.

    I think most readers (myself included) are so used to being bombarded by ads that we simply ignore them automatically.

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