Were you wondering where Cy was? I’m sure you were. I’m not even going to pretend to know when my last post was and I’m not going to look back that far because I am scared of time travel.

So where has Cy been?

If your guess was “working minimum wage at a gas station” then you would be absolutely correct.

However, I have managed to flee that galling hell and have returned behind a desk, where I belong. My books were picked up by a publisher (who is taking forever to put them out in a digital format *cough*)  but this is all right, because it gives me the opportunity to push my PRINT books, which are very much out and alive right now. So in my next post there will be lots of information and fun links and all sorts of things.

Mostly I just wanted to let you know I was alive.

Here is a picture of me with new glasses and hair to tie you over until my next exciting update. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me so far, I love all of you wonderful bloggers. ❤



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