New Website, New Giveaway…!


New website, new giveaway, new book covers, just … everything. So much new everything!

First of all, my web address hasn’t changed, but the look of my website has. Check this baby out! CN-FAUST.COM

Second of all, I had to go create a new Facebook page for myself. It’s a long story. I’ll probably tell it / rant about it later. But for now, please do me a huge favor and go like my new Official C.N. Faust Facebook Page, and then spam all of your friends with suggestions to like it as well! 😉

Third of all, I am having a giveaway for the month of June for a signed mass market paperback copy of The Dragon’s Disciples. Click here for more information!

And fourth…ly…. I have a new page with all sorts of wonderful excerpts. You can swing by and read little snapshots from books 1, 2, and 3 – with a snapshot of The Bitch King very soon to come! So go read them now!

More new stuff to come! I am working on this website every day. Lots of updates are in store for the future! I love you guys! ❤


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