I swear. A lot. Surely you have noticed.

I do not appreciate it when ‘excessive’ profanity is equated with a lower intellect or a thin vocabulary. I consider myself to be very clever and intellectual. My vocabulary is in no way lacking. Just because I do not speak in paragraphs and employ every word in my repertoire in daily conversation does not mean I am stupid.

My characters also swear. A lot. Does that take down the value of my writing? Not in my opinion. My characters behave like real people. I’m sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities. If you want to read nothing but high-minded, heavy literature … then the Bronte sisters await your leisure.

Swearing is a marvelous way to express some of the most base human emotions. Anger, fear, violence, and excitement are given voice through the simplest four-letter words. How is that not amazing to you? Does it frighten you that the core of our being can be condensed in such a manner?

I prefer to think you are frightened. I’d rather that than assume you are a fucking pompous ass.