25 Ways to Make Sure Everyone on Facebook Hates Your Guts



Many of us spend a few hours…er, uh…minutes, Facebooking on a daily basis, and I’m sure a lot of you are just dying to know….I can hear you asking now…

“How can I be even more obnoxious on Facebook, Christina?”

Well, look no further, for I have the answers you seek.

If you really want to be a complete asshat, just follow these few very simple instructions, and you are sure to be loathed and guffawed even more than your uncle Jack that time he went to church inebriated in your grandma’s muumuu.

So, here it is…25 Ways to Be a Complete Asshat on Facebook:

25. Post pictures of your meals. In fact, post pictures of every meal, followed by a detailed description of everything on the plate, the recipe used, and the cost (if eating out).

24. Bitch. A lot. About everything, every day, a few times a day.

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