It is written in your stars, don’t forget

I can read them, I’m divinely inspired

The child of Apollo, prophecy flows

In my veins, it runs wild, uncontained,

So you can’t be blamed for your doubts

Only for your ignorance, your constant

Belligerence and unwillingness to

Acknowledge your fate, what does it

Take? I can speak to your shadows but

I can’t change your road, you plod along,

You don’t know where you’re going, you

Prefer not knowing, but in the back of your

Mind you know it won’t last, you’ll put

Your heart in a cast before you let me heat the

Bones, you will open the wineskin before

You reach home, because you know so much

Better than this Cancer demi-goddess, whose

Father lives on Mt. Olympus, who is ruled by

The Moon and by her emotions, I’m not

Unsympathetic but I’m intolerant, I won’t be

Shot down like Cassandra, I won’t

Stand for it, you won’t have any less than

Your own way, and I won’t waste my

Time on a soul I can’t save.


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