I don’t want to say that I hope to see you fail

But I do

I can’t save you if you aren’t broken

I’ve got a savior complex bigger than Mt. Calvary

But the devil in me has to pull you down from

Heaven first, I have to bring you to my level

It’s hard for you to grovel, you harden your

Heart to me, but in my great benevolence

I will break you with plague. I will make you

Sing litanies, praise me for forgiving you, for

Saving you, for being right, you know that I’m

Fucking right, you mark yourself with virgin

Blood, trying to keep my vengeance at bay,

You can’t know that I do this all for love

And self-satisfaction, but mostly love.

I will drown your resistance, smother them

With death, I will be all you have left,

Lucifer performing at his best, ready to wage

Heavenly war for the one soul lost to God,

Because God is a cruel bitch, and he’s going

To crucify you for the sins of all the other little

Cunts, who try to screw with you, and put their

Blood on your head, shove the crown of thorns

Deeper, until it pierces your brain, punching

Holes in your logic, making you dumb, a

Fool lost in the cave of love, only I can get you

Through this labyrinth, accept me or die like all the

Rest, mother knows best, and I can give you such an

Oedipus complex, you can serve in Heaven or

Reign in Hell, it’s your choice, but Lucifer did not

Fall to have some pansy ass angel go crawling back to

God, accept that you are fallen, let me pick you up,

God doesn’t want you, so run to those who do.


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