Music Box

-Disclaimer: I know I can’t write poetry for shit-

Dance me in circles

I always end up back with you

I’m a doll on a music box

Your song is the only tune

I know, and it’s always in my head

Plucking out its melody on my heartstrings

I will dance until I’m dead

You’re my red shoes

Keep me on point

Dance until my toes bleed

I tried to chop off my ankles

But forgot that trees need their

Roots, and you give me life

I’m going through withdrawals

The coke is cut with too much bleach

And I’m sweating through my dreams

While I have to hear my family preach

They say I need Jesus, my friends say

I need rehab, but little do they know

You’re the only god I’ll ever have

I reach out to you, but you draw away

So the foot of Mt Olympus is where I

Stay, praying that Aphrodite will have

Mercy on this mortal, Hephaestus will

Craft me new shoes of iron so I can dance,

Dance until I’m dead

I’m your greatest masochist

Beat me with leaden whips

Crucify me, I’m a slave

You’ve bled for my sins, I’m nothing

Only you can save me, so love me

Or slay me, but please don’t let the music stop.


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