Updates! The Hollow Living, Mr. Fingers, Official Website

Hello my darlings,

I know it has been a million years since I have posted anything. Before I go any further I want to shout-out and say THANK YOU to my new blog followers. You all make me smile.


In a soul-devouring kind of way.

So what is new? I have to have new projects happening, right? That is the only plausible explanation for my absence. Well, there is this black hole in every student’s life called “exam week” and it is shortly followed by “holidays”. So while yes, I have had time to work on my new projects, I have not had time to keep up with my blog. There is no logic, I understand this.

So again, one begs the question – what is new?

Well, THE HOLLOW LIVING finally came out. I’m not sure if I announced that or not (probably not). But if you click on the cover below, you can be taken straight to its Amazon source!

cover 03

My personal website got a snazzy new update. Click one ME to go take a look! (Some updates are still pending. Bear with me.)


Other than working on The Bitch King (Age of Waking Death, #4) which has kind of taken a back seat, I have been working on a new horror novel called Mr. Fingers about a cannibalistic clown. It has been a ton of fun working on it so far. I have some promotional bookmarks coming out soon, and I have started my promotion way early. This book has its very own Facebook page set up, so if you enjoy clowns and horror, go check it out and give it a ‘like’! Either follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/mrfingershorror or click on the promotional bookmark.


That is all I have on the update front, for now. I promise a more entertaining post (AND a scary clown snippet!) once I can banish this headache. It’s trying to pierce through the walls of my skull at the moment. Maybe a trip to the liquor cabinet.

Your most adored,



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