It is written in your stars, don’t forget

I can read them, I’m divinely inspired

The child of Apollo, prophecy flows

In my veins, it runs wild, uncontained,

So you can’t be blamed for your doubts

Only for your ignorance, your constant

Belligerence and unwillingness to

Acknowledge your fate, what does it

Take? I can speak to your shadows but

I can’t change your road, you plod along,

You don’t know where you’re going, you

Prefer not knowing, but in the back of your

Mind you know it won’t last, you’ll put

Your heart in a cast before you let me heat the

Bones, you will open the wineskin before

You reach home, because you know so much

Better than this Cancer demi-goddess, whose

Father lives on Mt. Olympus, who is ruled by

The Moon and by her emotions, I’m not

Unsympathetic but I’m intolerant, I won’t be

Shot down like Cassandra, I won’t

Stand for it, you won’t have any less than

Your own way, and I won’t waste my

Time on a soul I can’t save.

Beta Readers

Call for beta readers!

Vampires, Crime and Angels...Eclectic Me

Thanks for all your comments and offers everyone. I now have enough Beta Readers to get started.  Thank you. xx


I am looking for official Beta Readers for Book 2 of The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles: Reckless Abandon.

Here’s a little bit about what’s in store –


A magical island. A cursed King. Vampire rebellion. Damian’s rule has been questioned. With people dying, can his son, Knox, overcome the darkness shrouding Avelina, while his brother tackles a possessed king on the Island? Will both brothers fall to ruin? Will Damian’s rule … and lineage … come to an end?



Don’t worry if you haven’t read Book 1 yet, I can supply that too, so you know the story. The important thing is having honest Beta Readers who are willing to critique and correct the story appropriately. This is all about making Book 2 better than…

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Book Review: The Hollow Living

Vampires, Crime and Angels...Eclectic Me

Book – The Hollow Living (The Age of Waking Death #3)
Author – C.N. Faust
Star rating – ★★★★★
Would I read it again – Yes
Plot – as brilliant as the first two.
Characters – even better than before.
Movie Potential – ★★★★★
Ease of reading – very easy to read.


I have been in love with this series since Book 1: The Dragon’s Disciples. Book 3 is even better than the ones before. I am so happy to see Pharun back, not only as mean and as clever as ever, but showing his true colours more openly. I have a feel this won’t be good news for Felix, but I will just have to wait and see. I have my fingers crossed, however impossible it might be, that the pair stay…

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I don’t want to say that I hope to see you fail

But I do

I can’t save you if you aren’t broken

I’ve got a savior complex bigger than Mt. Calvary

But the devil in me has to pull you down from

Heaven first, I have to bring you to my level

It’s hard for you to grovel, you harden your

Heart to me, but in my great benevolence

I will break you with plague. I will make you

Sing litanies, praise me for forgiving you, for

Saving you, for being right, you know that I’m

Fucking right, you mark yourself with virgin

Blood, trying to keep my vengeance at bay,

You can’t know that I do this all for love

And self-satisfaction, but mostly love.

I will drown your resistance, smother them

With death, I will be all you have left,

Lucifer performing at his best, ready to wage

Heavenly war for the one soul lost to God,

Because God is a cruel bitch, and he’s going

To crucify you for the sins of all the other little

Cunts, who try to screw with you, and put their

Blood on your head, shove the crown of thorns

Deeper, until it pierces your brain, punching

Holes in your logic, making you dumb, a

Fool lost in the cave of love, only I can get you

Through this labyrinth, accept me or die like all the

Rest, mother knows best, and I can give you such an

Oedipus complex, you can serve in Heaven or

Reign in Hell, it’s your choice, but Lucifer did not

Fall to have some pansy ass angel go crawling back to

God, accept that you are fallen, let me pick you up,

God doesn’t want you, so run to those who do.

Blog Tour?

Hello my darlings!

I am looking for destination blogs for a virtual book tour of my new WIP horror novel, Mr. Fingers. I am looking at some dates from mid to late January, and I’m up for lots of fun things including swag giveaways, interviews, Q&A, etc. I would like at least 5 stops – so please, if you are interesting in hosting, let me know! Comment here or email me. Thank you, in advance!

Your most adored,


Days of Creation

-Disclaimer: I can’t write poetry for shit-

In the beginning there was you

It was always you first, with you I’m

An addict with an insatiable thirst

I inject you straight for a more intense

High, so potent you could kill me,

Though I’d gladly die for one more taste

Of your sweet disdain, your diamond nails

Slice open my veins, my blood is so thin

That I hemorrhage, diluted with you

My soul is an umbrage, they say the

Shaking will end so I try to pretend

That life without you has a meaning.

On the second day there was you

Always feeling like second, you

Never let me forget it, saying that

She was Nirvana and you, not so much

Is that why you never let me close enough

To touch my heart to yours, you knew

It beat only for you, but you wouldn’t let

Me through, I was only a phase, your

Teenage years going up in a blaze of glory,

An amusing story to tell by the fire

Mocking my desire, you just never knew

It was real, I should not have let you

Steal what wasn’t mine to give.

On the third day there was you

Trying to touch me in all the wrong

Places, never knew which of my faces

You were ‘kissing’, (or mauling),

You smashed the remnants of my pride

Made me plead to be forgiven when

I was the one being driven to the edge

You fucking crazy bitch you gave me

Sleepless nights, endless fights, stuck

Between two fire signs, tried to make

My soul resign, evaporate and dissipate

It took a gale force wind to push you out

But like a bad tattoo you remind me of

Every bad choice I ever made.

On the fourth day there was you

Everything I love about you I created

And now, after reality has been reinstated

I still think more of you than you’ve been

I would have married the you of my dreams

You almost came back, but I wanted you too

Much, I guess, because you left again, I confess

It really was for the best, and sometimes

I still undress you in my mind, but then I realize

That your eyes wandered almost as much as mine

I would have forgiven you, if you could only

Have made up your goddamn mind. I might be

A jealous bitch, but you’re a fucking whore.

On the fifth day, there was you

You were too much like the original

I wanted your love, but your heart was granite

Easily wiped of the mess that feelings might have

Left on it, I was too soon for sex and too late

For love, but you liked to give me hope, every

Now and then throw this puppy a bone,

Petted and admired, I slept at your feet

You’d throw me treats, I waited with my

Tongue out, but you let the leash go before

I go attached, so much for that, but it’s nice

That I’m replaced, memory erased, don’t worry

Soon enough you’ll be alone.

On the sixth day there was you

My salvation, my Adonis, the one who

Saved me from myself and led me

To greater heights, gave me my sight

Back, so I can see you clearly, though

My lens are rose, I never regret that

You are the one I chose, you and I will

Stand on top of the world and reach for

The stars, we’ll drag the moon down to

Our level, and we will live in its light,

Like Peter Pan’s flight you keep me young

I’ll never grow up, thanks to you, but you

Make staying mean something again.

On the seventh day, my brain rested

So there was you

I became way too invested, serves me to

Have drowned in the well of your vagina

And like Samara I tried to claw my way out

You threatened to drown me in your feelings

And your drama, I might be a Cancer mama

But I’m not yours, so back off,

I’m glad you don’t talk to me, you’re a fucking

Femi-Nazi, way too crazy to be worth

Living with, you’re not my Helen, I won’t

Sacrifice my pride to save a face.

Music Box

-Disclaimer: I know I can’t write poetry for shit-

Dance me in circles

I always end up back with you

I’m a doll on a music box

Your song is the only tune

I know, and it’s always in my head

Plucking out its melody on my heartstrings

I will dance until I’m dead

You’re my red shoes

Keep me on point

Dance until my toes bleed

I tried to chop off my ankles

But forgot that trees need their

Roots, and you give me life

I’m going through withdrawals

The coke is cut with too much bleach

And I’m sweating through my dreams

While I have to hear my family preach

They say I need Jesus, my friends say

I need rehab, but little do they know

You’re the only god I’ll ever have

I reach out to you, but you draw away

So the foot of Mt Olympus is where I

Stay, praying that Aphrodite will have

Mercy on this mortal, Hephaestus will

Craft me new shoes of iron so I can dance,

Dance until I’m dead

I’m your greatest masochist

Beat me with leaden whips

Crucify me, I’m a slave

You’ve bled for my sins, I’m nothing

Only you can save me, so love me

Or slay me, but please don’t let the music stop.

Updates! The Hollow Living, Mr. Fingers, Official Website

Hello my darlings,

I know it has been a million years since I have posted anything. Before I go any further I want to shout-out and say THANK YOU to my new blog followers. You all make me smile.


In a soul-devouring kind of way.

So what is new? I have to have new projects happening, right? That is the only plausible explanation for my absence. Well, there is this black hole in every student’s life called “exam week” and it is shortly followed by “holidays”. So while yes, I have had time to work on my new projects, I have not had time to keep up with my blog. There is no logic, I understand this.

So again, one begs the question – what is new?

Well, THE HOLLOW LIVING finally came out. I’m not sure if I announced that or not (probably not). But if you click on the cover below, you can be taken straight to its Amazon source!

cover 03

My personal website got a snazzy new update. Click one ME to go take a look! (Some updates are still pending. Bear with me.)


Other than working on The Bitch King (Age of Waking Death, #4) which has kind of taken a back seat, I have been working on a new horror novel called Mr. Fingers about a cannibalistic clown. It has been a ton of fun working on it so far. I have some promotional bookmarks coming out soon, and I have started my promotion way early. This book has its very own Facebook page set up, so if you enjoy clowns and horror, go check it out and give it a ‘like’! Either follow this link: or click on the promotional bookmark.


That is all I have on the update front, for now. I promise a more entertaining post (AND a scary clown snippet!) once I can banish this headache. It’s trying to pierce through the walls of my skull at the moment. Maybe a trip to the liquor cabinet.

Your most adored,