It is finished!


Hello my darlings,

I know, no one is surprised that Cy has not updated in a blue billion years. Don’t everyone gasp at once. It has been busy around here! School, wedding plans, novel projects, and life are getting in the way of consistent blogging.

HOWEVER, there is some good news to be had! I finished the Hollow Living! It is now in the editing process, and I have the release date set for a tentative “soon”. I am actually supposed to be doing homework now so I can start on it later tonight, but I decided to catch up on some … important author business instead. (Hence the blog post).

The Hollow Living came out to be about the same word count / size as The Heretic Priest. This surprised me, because I thought it would be much longer, but it insisted upon being fast-paced and easier to read and would not let me linger on the delicate rose that was crushed upon the street. That just means that I will be able to follow through with my plan and begin The Bitch King for NaNoWriMo (if I can indeed wait that long to start writing it!)

In other news, I have had the opportunity to donate a few books to the Greenville, NC Witches’ Ball raffle. This, coupled by the success met by my first Goodreads giveaway, makes me think I should do a more generous giveaway on this blog / my Facebook page come Christmas time. This is the kind of stuff that would be in it. Plus maybe The Hollow Living and some extra swag. We will see. What do you think of that idea?

It has been a pretty fulfilling, if busy, week. I will update more later, I’m off to get that Greek homework out of the way (ugh).

Your most adored,



7 thoughts on “It is finished!

    • Thanks! I did manage to get some relaxation in. Now I have to go back and start doing my edits … but it was nice while it lasted! 😉

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