One day at a time.

Hello my darlings,

This is me, preparing to catch up in The Hollow Living (I am running behind schedule. Why does school always manage to get in the way?) I am attempting to defrag my brain by addressing envelopes to send out bookmarks (anyone who has requested one from me, I am sending them out tomorrow! If you want one but haven’t said anything, it’s not too late!) and listening to The Fratellis on a continuous loop. Sometimes I suppose I don’t know when it is better to just let me brain rest. Part of me thinks that if I can just manage at least a couple thousand words each night, I should be in tip-top shape. But like I said … I am behind schedule.

My print books have been a hit thus far (I have 9 copies to put in the mail at some point. There are 8 books sitting in the campus bookstore, and there are 10 more I have to send off for further consignment). Problem is … until the books that are on consignment start selling, I am hard-pressed to keep buying to keep up with the demand. (Over 20 books is high demand in this house, apparently). I am trying to come up with more cost-efficient ways of dealing with things. I’ve tried setting up another crowdfunding campaign, but I think at this point I am just going to start taking paypal donations from anyone who would like to contribute and use whatever might come in to pay for these shipping costs until the series starts really selling.

Don’t get me wrong, however. I am very pleased that I am sending out more print copies. The paperbacks are gorgeous (in my opinion) and when it comes to earning the loyalty of a reader there is nothing better than a nice, solid book that they can pick up and thumb through as often as they’d like. Not that I am rebelling against the ebook movement, mind, but I feel like I am starting to drown in all of the marketing avenues for ebook exposure. I feel (personally) desensitized to a lot of ebook posts I see lately, mostly because I see them so often and in such abundance. Better to start with a homegrown approach, at least that is my new strategy. I would love to see a boom in print sales come Christmas. But that will probably depend on how well I plan for things.

In the meantime, here I sit, trying my best to make sales and scribbling down the latest chapter of my magnum opus. Sometimes I want to ask Anne Rice her secrets, and then I remember that the Vampire Chronicles didn’t seem a boom in popularity until a while after it was first published.

Patience, patience. I was never very good with patience.

Your most adored,



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