Cool stuff!

Hello my darlings,

There is lots of cool stuff being churned out of my office … I know I have been doing a lot of promotional posts lately, but I promise soon I will give you something of a bit more substance. In the meantime, check out these awesome offers!


There are limited editiong “Perfect Tragedy” t-shirts up for sale for $20 a pop! Every penny goes into the coffers and helps me print more books! Visit at this link: and get yours! I have to sell 50 before any can be printed, so spread spread spread the word!

And speaking of print…

I can't look enthused to save my life.

I can’t look enthused to save my life.

The first batch of print books for The Dragon’s Disciples came in today! (The Heretic Priest to come in tomorrow)! And as you can probably tell the cover is VIBRANT, the colors are BEAUTIFUL, and of course the writing is AMAZING! 😉 So place your order today! Do you want your copy signed? Order it through me at!

And speaking of ordering… (these are some nice segues….)

All can be conveniently done now from the comfort of my new (OFFICIAL!) website with my shiny new (BADASS) URL! Stop by and see why I have been giddy as a schoolgirl!

Also, I made a post about this previously, but I am signing and sending off free bookmarks! They look like this…


So they are pretty sexy! If you want one, either email me or comment here! I’ve already had several claimed, so be sure not to miss out!

One last thing … I am also on a movement to give away a few ebooks! How are YOU eligible for a free ebook copy of The Dragon’s Disciples OR The Heretic Priest? Simple! Like my Facebook Page for a chance to win an ebook copy of The Dragon’s Disciples, OR get on Twitter and tell me your favorite thing about yourself, then #PharunSwag for a chance to win a free ebook copy of The Heretic Priest! There will be multiple winners, as I am giving away several copies. Winners will be selected randomly (not by me).

More to come!

Your most adored,

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