OMG Weddings

Hello my darlings,

Weddings, weddings, weddings. That is all that is floating around this household these days! We finalized our venue location today (paid for it n’all) and now there are only … a million other things to do. Cake, guests, chairs, tables, decorations, invitations, vows, music, this, that, and the other. Did I mention cake?

So much about weddings all over the place. So many people getting married, /I/ am getting married, and I have spent the last few days trying to perfect the sequence of scenes that depict the marriage of Adriel and Olympia. I have barely been able to focus because of it all … it is in less than two months (that’s being insanely generous) and I have this feeling that all of this planning is incredibly last minute.

What I need is a checklist. I do so much better with checklists.

I just thought I would let you know what is going on. I am still trying to promote The Dragon’s Disciples re-release – tweeting every day, checking my Goodreads giveaway to see how things are progressing. Have I mentioned that I am going to have some hard copies on the shelves of a bookstore close to campus? It will be an easy place to direct people to buy my books. The internet is so crowded.

The illustration for The Heretic Priest’s cover is underway, so I am told. The illustrations for the special limited edition hardcovers are in the sketching phases also (SUPER excited!). Of the special editions, I think there are only going to be 13 (lucky number 13). I MIGHT give one of them away on Goodreads (if I can afford it). But I am super excited about that whole idea. 

I updated The Dragon’s Disciples on Smashwords (just because the print copies haven’t been released yet doesn’t mean the ebook cannot be bought). So it is available on there as well as Kindle. All of the copies should now be the updated edition. 

I have fallen behind on my networking due to wedding planning (which has also put us on a stricter budget) so if you are at all interested in helping me promote, please let me know! Until things settle down I doubt I will have my shit together. So tell your friends, tell ALL your fantasy (or vampire) loving friends that the ebook is available for purchase, the print copies are available for pre-order, and there is a Goodreads GIVEAWAY which is always fun to do.

For more frequent updates, as well as random statuses and pictures from me, there is my Facebook page.

Thanks in advance in anyone who promotes!

Your most adored,



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