I have been feeling kind of down lately. Can you tell?


by C.N. Faust

Sucking on hot tits of nicotine

Tripping on dimes, it’s my Dramamine

Watching smoke curl like the

Unfurling of my sweetest fantasies

Haunting fever dreams of a delusional

Man, who is lost in a land of his own

Creation, he wants nations raised on

Top of his head, as he lies in bed and

Paints wars on the ceiling, lost in a

Feeling he can’t put into words

Secret trysts, duels and duality

On his bedside table sits reality

Books and papers of things he should

Know, his pathway to real life travels

So slow, and in his mind he is already

King, does he really need anything

More? Daydreamers can’t pay the bills.


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