Map of the World

Hello my darlings!

Another map? Yes, another map. I am kind of obsessed, as you can tell. And this is what I have been doing with time for the past… four or so hours instead of writing. But this time I thought I would give you a map of the world as of Encarz’s reign. I will give more detailed maps of the individual countries a little bit later… but I thought that you guys would appreciate a little glimpse at what the rest of the world looks like.

I forgot to label the ocean though… sue me.


In addition to detailed maps of the individual countries… I wanted to create floorplans for Castle Dragoloth and Castle Winfell. Oh! And Azrael’s Temple. Is that too ambitious? Probably so.

Your most adored,


One day at a time.

Hello my darlings,

This is me, preparing to catch up in The Hollow Living (I am running behind schedule. Why does school always manage to get in the way?) I am attempting to defrag my brain by addressing envelopes to send out bookmarks (anyone who has requested one from me, I am sending them out tomorrow! If you want one but haven’t said anything, it’s not too late!) and listening to The Fratellis on a continuous loop. Sometimes I suppose I don’t know when it is better to just let me brain rest. Part of me thinks that if I can just manage at least a couple thousand words each night, I should be in tip-top shape. But like I said … I am behind schedule.

My print books have been a hit thus far (I have 9 copies to put in the mail at some point. There are 8 books sitting in the campus bookstore, and there are 10 more I have to send off for further consignment). Problem is … until the books that are on consignment start selling, I am hard-pressed to keep buying to keep up with the demand. (Over 20 books is high demand in this house, apparently). I am trying to come up with more cost-efficient ways of dealing with things. I’ve tried setting up another crowdfunding campaign, but I think at this point I am just going to start taking paypal donations from anyone who would like to contribute and use whatever might come in to pay for these shipping costs until the series starts really selling.

Don’t get me wrong, however. I am very pleased that I am sending out more print copies. The paperbacks are gorgeous (in my opinion) and when it comes to earning the loyalty of a reader there is nothing better than a nice, solid book that they can pick up and thumb through as often as they’d like. Not that I am rebelling against the ebook movement, mind, but I feel like I am starting to drown in all of the marketing avenues for ebook exposure. I feel (personally) desensitized to a lot of ebook posts I see lately, mostly because I see them so often and in such abundance. Better to start with a homegrown approach, at least that is my new strategy. I would love to see a boom in print sales come Christmas. But that will probably depend on how well I plan for things.

In the meantime, here I sit, trying my best to make sales and scribbling down the latest chapter of my magnum opus. Sometimes I want to ask Anne Rice her secrets, and then I remember that the Vampire Chronicles didn’t seem a boom in popularity until a while after it was first published.

Patience, patience. I was never very good with patience.

Your most adored,


Read and Review?

Hello my darlings!

So as I continue on my promoting spree, I would love to have some more reviews pop up for The Dragon’s Disciples and The Heretic Priest. (I have many lovely and wonderful readers, but not so many reviews!). SO if you are interested in reading and reviewing one or both books and posting the reviews onto Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, and B&N then get in touch with me! Email me at or comment here. I will be happy to send you eBook copies for whatever format (EPUB, MOBI, or the evergreen PDF)! If you would love to review but you prefer a print copy, let me know and I will see what we can work out. There is a limit to how many print copies I can send out, but I am willing to send out an abundance ebooks!

In return I will grant you my eternal thanks and send out packages of some swag goodies!

Your most adored,


Book signings intimidate me.

Hello my darlings,

As I search for more and more creative ways to promote The Dragon’s Disciples and The Heretic Priest, I find myself running into the same roadblock over and over again. There are countless sites where you can list your book (especially if it is .99 cents), and then there are the bookmarks, the business cards, the website, and the t-shirts. (I have already spent way more than I should on this endeavor).

But what about promoting your in-print book? These options seem more limited. Granted, I have been fortunate enough to have to the opportunity to stock my books as consignment in an on-campus store (now all of the connections I make on my college campus I can refer to that store for a copy, and it is more convenient than Amazon).

Other options? I haven’t found very many. I keep reading that book signings are an excellent form of print copy promotion. And indeed, I would never have discovered one of my favorite authors if my aunt hadn’t happened upon her book signing one day and picked up a copy of The Fool’s Path for me. But I am afraid of book signings because I am afraid of abject humiliation, which would surely occur should the following transpire…

  1. No one cares.
  2. I found myself sitting alone a table wondering why everyone is staring at me.

Surely, that is a fear we all face? I would love to do a joint signing with another fantasy author. So in other words … if there are any fantasy authors in the Greensboro / Raleigh, NC area who would like to collaborate with me on this event, feel free to let me know!

Other than that, I might donate a few books to my favorite thrift shops. Circulation, circulation, circulation.

Your most adored,


Cool stuff!

Hello my darlings,

There is lots of cool stuff being churned out of my office … I know I have been doing a lot of promotional posts lately, but I promise soon I will give you something of a bit more substance. In the meantime, check out these awesome offers!


There are limited editiong “Perfect Tragedy” t-shirts up for sale for $20 a pop! Every penny goes into the coffers and helps me print more books! Visit at this link: and get yours! I have to sell 50 before any can be printed, so spread spread spread the word!

And speaking of print…

I can't look enthused to save my life.

I can’t look enthused to save my life.

The first batch of print books for The Dragon’s Disciples came in today! (The Heretic Priest to come in tomorrow)! And as you can probably tell the cover is VIBRANT, the colors are BEAUTIFUL, and of course the writing is AMAZING! 😉 So place your order today! Do you want your copy signed? Order it through me at!

And speaking of ordering… (these are some nice segues….)

All can be conveniently done now from the comfort of my new (OFFICIAL!) website with my shiny new (BADASS) URL! Stop by and see why I have been giddy as a schoolgirl!

Also, I made a post about this previously, but I am signing and sending off free bookmarks! They look like this…


So they are pretty sexy! If you want one, either email me or comment here! I’ve already had several claimed, so be sure not to miss out!

One last thing … I am also on a movement to give away a few ebooks! How are YOU eligible for a free ebook copy of The Dragon’s Disciples OR The Heretic Priest? Simple! Like my Facebook Page for a chance to win an ebook copy of The Dragon’s Disciples, OR get on Twitter and tell me your favorite thing about yourself, then #PharunSwag for a chance to win a free ebook copy of The Heretic Priest! There will be multiple winners, as I am giving away several copies. Winners will be selected randomly (not by me).

More to come!

Your most adored,

Pimping out Pharun to sell his own books

Hello my darlings,

A quick sketch of Pharun I did earlier this evening.

A quick sketch of Pharun I did earlier this evening.

They say sex sells. If there is any merit to that, I have no trouble pimping out a half-naked Pharun in order to announce that The Dragon’s Disciples and The Heretic Priest are on Smashwords and Kindle for .99 cents for a limited time! (The Heretic Priest is not on Smashwords yet, my mistake. It will be up on September 12th).

The Heretic Priest’s cover SHOULD be updated by now on If it isn’t, just give it a little while (it went live today). But all the files should be updated, shiny, and new!!

I know I haven’t shown you the new cover yet. Here is what it looks like!

cover 02

Isn’t it lovely?!? My favorite detail of this cover is that if you look closely, Felix’s hands are dark, almost black. Like they are actually Pharuns hands. Get it? I love this artist so much!

One cover left to go, this time for The Hollow Living… maybe seeing the cover will give me motivation to finish the book. 😉 The storyline is progressing, and that is all that matters. I want to finish it by November so I can use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to kick The Bitch King into gear. We shall see!

The Dragon’s Disciples and The Heretic Priest – .99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords! Want a print copy? Email me at for the best deals!


I have been feeling kind of down lately. Can you tell?


by C.N. Faust

Sucking on hot tits of nicotine

Tripping on dimes, it’s my Dramamine

Watching smoke curl like the

Unfurling of my sweetest fantasies

Haunting fever dreams of a delusional

Man, who is lost in a land of his own

Creation, he wants nations raised on

Top of his head, as he lies in bed and

Paints wars on the ceiling, lost in a

Feeling he can’t put into words

Secret trysts, duels and duality

On his bedside table sits reality

Books and papers of things he should

Know, his pathway to real life travels

So slow, and in his mind he is already

King, does he really need anything

More? Daydreamers can’t pay the bills.

OMG Weddings

Hello my darlings,

Weddings, weddings, weddings. That is all that is floating around this household these days! We finalized our venue location today (paid for it n’all) and now there are only … a million other things to do. Cake, guests, chairs, tables, decorations, invitations, vows, music, this, that, and the other. Did I mention cake?

So much about weddings all over the place. So many people getting married, /I/ am getting married, and I have spent the last few days trying to perfect the sequence of scenes that depict the marriage of Adriel and Olympia. I have barely been able to focus because of it all … it is in less than two months (that’s being insanely generous) and I have this feeling that all of this planning is incredibly last minute.

What I need is a checklist. I do so much better with checklists.

I just thought I would let you know what is going on. I am still trying to promote The Dragon’s Disciples re-release – tweeting every day, checking my Goodreads giveaway to see how things are progressing. Have I mentioned that I am going to have some hard copies on the shelves of a bookstore close to campus? It will be an easy place to direct people to buy my books. The internet is so crowded.

The illustration for The Heretic Priest’s cover is underway, so I am told. The illustrations for the special limited edition hardcovers are in the sketching phases also (SUPER excited!). Of the special editions, I think there are only going to be 13 (lucky number 13). I MIGHT give one of them away on Goodreads (if I can afford it). But I am super excited about that whole idea. 

I updated The Dragon’s Disciples on Smashwords (just because the print copies haven’t been released yet doesn’t mean the ebook cannot be bought). So it is available on there as well as Kindle. All of the copies should now be the updated edition. 

I have fallen behind on my networking due to wedding planning (which has also put us on a stricter budget) so if you are at all interested in helping me promote, please let me know! Until things settle down I doubt I will have my shit together. So tell your friends, tell ALL your fantasy (or vampire) loving friends that the ebook is available for purchase, the print copies are available for pre-order, and there is a Goodreads GIVEAWAY which is always fun to do.

For more frequent updates, as well as random statuses and pictures from me, there is my Facebook page.

Thanks in advance in anyone who promotes!

Your most adored,