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It’s a great day because Pharun has a theme song.

Hello my darlings,

That. Is. Totally Pharun’s theme song. Just … just listen to it, you will see what I mean. I woke up this morning and it was one of the first things Mark said he had to show me. It is too brilliant.

It is an extremely good day. Well, yesterday was an extremely good day that makes today even better. As I made mention of earlier on my Facebook page, I made a breakthrough in The Hollow Living last night. I have been frustrated lately, because Pharun had been reluctant to work and everyone else was just setting up, setting up and not employing much action. Then yesterday, I am sitting in the library and half-heartedly typing out a chapter, when all of the sudden BAM Pharun appears with a plot twist that blows my mind and ties up a million loose ends that I was trying to figure out.

I will give you a hint as to which one I was. It isn’t Jafar.

I haven’t felt this enthusiastic since The Dragon’s Disciples. I feel brilliant again, and I feel inspired to say the least. Of course, the more inspired I feel the more jealous I am with my snippets. So I will probably be reluctant to post more than a few paragraphs at a time until the release.

The other great thing that happened yesterday was I was finally able to make the deposit on the new book covers. The artist sent me some preliminary sketches and they were so beautiful. Pharun was drawn perfectly. I absolutely cannot wait to see how they come out.

So, there is that! I have a lot of homework to do today, but I am also hoping to catch up on Desperate Housewives (we’re way behind) and get some more writing done. At this moment, I am about to head out for lunch with one of my editors so we can talk some about Orcs and Aliens.

Your most adored,


The Great Goodreads Scandal

Hello my darlings,



So, I was writing not too long ago (getting nowhere, really. I need some serious inspiration). So I decided to check Facebook to see if anything new had happened in the five second entirety of my absence. Then I stumbled across the scandal of the moment. I became interested in it solely because so many of my author friends were making mention of it, one way or another.

As always, here is the original blog post for reference. 

Now, I don’t know much more than what I have read from the past 3 of her blog posts, but from what I understand what happened was this: she put up her book on Goodreads before it was published. Someone gave it a preliminary low rating, even though they did not have an ARC. She asked why someone would do that, or how it could happen, and she gets the reply that some people will rate the book based on interest as opposed to content (an interesting bit of information, to be sure).

Cue onslaught of attacks. Her book is being added to lists entitled “author should be raped in prison” and the like. Clearly, this is inappropriate and immature behavior. I never knew Goodreads would allow that sort of abuse, but apparently it is protected beneath the “freedom of speech” section of their rules. It is something I can understand, even if the entire situation is in extremely poor taste.

However, due to this situation escalating so quickly, and underneath the pressure of contempt and abuse, the author has decided to cancel the release of her book altogether and has no plans to release in the future.

I feel no need to voice my opinion in depth, as many people already expressed similar sentiments. I don’t think she should cancel the release of her book, I feel like that is just letting the bullies win.

But of course, I am more interested in hearing about what YOU think about this. How would you handle this situation, if it were your book under fire? I have dealt with poor reviews before but never anything of this magnitude. I wasn’t even aware that this sort of thing happened. I would like to think that I could practice what I preach and not let it bog me down. But please, comments and opinions are welcome. I have such mixed feelings about this situation!

Your most adored,


My books are real.

Hello my darlings,


I made a post earlier today on my Facebook page about how some readers are responding to the rise of the ebook industry.  This was all spurred forth by a series of comments following an article Anne Rice posted about how Barnes and Noble suffered a profit loss (albeit a marginal one. They are still making billions in profits). Here is the article for reference.

My problem isn’t with Barnes and Noble (I love visiting whenever I can, just as I enjoy any other bookstore or second hand book shop). And I do recognize that they are going through a hard time (especially since Amazon is doing such a nice job of making itself an eReader titan). My problem is with the people who are bashing eBooks.

To paraphrase some comments: “I would never pick up an eBook. There is nothing like the smell of a new, REAL book”. “I love my REAL books too much”. “This is pathetic, they are suffering profit losses because no one reads anymore”.

I used to be one such literature elitist until I bought my first Nook. That was when I learned a few things. Namely…

  • eReaders are insanely convenient. They make my book hoarding so much tidier. I can carry 300 books in my purse and, for a voracious reader like me, that is a typical wet dream.
  • eReaders give me access to hundreds, even thousands more books than I would ever be exposed to in a single bookstore. Besides that, it is the easiest way to discover new authors (since if I feel particularly industrious, I can research them in another tab). I also feel more comfortable with buying a book from a new author on an ereader.

As I started getting serious about publishing my books, I came to yet another conclusion.

  • eBooks have allowed me and many other budding authors to reach more potential readers than ever before. It really is changing the business. The competition might be stiffer, but that just makes things more exciting, doesn’t it?

With all of that said, I find it extremely insulting for someone to refer to an eBook as “not a real book”. With all of the work I as an author put into formatting and publishing an ebook to optimize the reader’s enjoyment, it better damn well be treated as “real”.

Your thoughts in the comments, as always, are appreciated.

Your most adored,



Hello my darlings,

Screenshot (1)


I thought I would steal a screenshot of Purify, the Dragoloth-based RPG that I am working on. I don’t want to leak too much information about it yet, but as you can see I am getting the hang of mapping. I’m using RPG Maker VX Ace. I thought I would dabble with the trial version to see if it is worth it. So if I can get a demo game together in the remaining 28 days, I will considering buying the full package in order to develop the game to its full potential.

Aside from classes beginning, a leaking ceiling, and all sorts of other little things, that is how I have been spending my time. I have spent so much time doing this, however, that I have been neglecting The Hollow Living. I did manage to get an hour an a half to myself in the library today, during which I finished off a chapter that had been giving me trouble. As soon as I finish with this blog post, actually, I am going to go see if I can get any more written. Like I’ve said countless times now, I really want to make a dent in this project.

Pretty much my reaction to life.

Pretty much my reaction to life.


Your most adored,


Daddy got a new computer!

Hello my darlings,

Yes. That was entirely necessary.

I was roused from my sleep this morning by a heavy banging on my door. (To give you an idea of the gravity of that, the front door opens up into my bedroom. I know, I know). And what could it be but the honest and fresh-faced deliveryman, up at 8 in the morning for the sole purpose of delivering unto me my brand new shiny laptop?

I was so thrilled, I ripped open the package immediately. I haven’t been asleep since, but I have been steadily working purchasing Word (the first order of operations for a writer) installing a proper anti-virus, and of course, letting Facebook know my happiness. My new laptop is an Asus Vivobook, 11.6 inches, pink, and her name is Fanny Skeffington. (If you get the reference, you awesome).

I was going to splurge on a Macbook Pro. I really, really was. But I could not bring myself to do so. The very tiny, reasonable voice inside my head was squeaking “Dude, dude, DUDE, you’re poor, bro!” the entire time. It was then that I resigned myself to Windows 8. And while I have not heard great things about it, I am actually falling in love with it. Everything is so seamless and easy to navigate. Now, of course, I feel like I would have been lost in Applespace. Maybe once a PC, you are always a PC…

What does this mean, and why do you care? Well, dear one, this means that… THE HOLLOW LIVING CAN FINALLY BE FINISHED!!

This is cause for celebration, indeed.

Your most adored,