The Dragon’s Disciples Re-Release!

Hello my darlings!

Well, the cover for The Dragon’s Disciples is finally here!! Next up, The Heretic Priest! But I am getting ahead of myself.


That is a preview of the new cover, I will release the full thing in a few days. Isn’t it GORGEOUS? I am SO excited, as you can tell. And yes… that is Pharun on the cover. I love the entire piece, but I am especially enthusiastic about the ambiance, and the color scheme. The artist perfectly captured the soul of my books in this snapshot. I am in love with it. Happiness will prevail.

With that being said, I am EXCITED to go ahead and promote the re-release of The Dragon’s Disciples! I am making a few tweaks to the actual book, as well (one of them being a character / word glossary in the front. I had a few reviews mention that that would have been helpful).

BUT, I need your help, readers!! I want to spread the word and make this a successful re-launch to give my series a new beginning. I would love to be able to do a blog book tour, a Goodreads giveaway, and start selling some print copies as well as extend my e-book market. There will be some fun tidbits thrown into the mix every now and then as well, such as free signed bookmarks and other goodies.

This is where you come in! Things that would be of tremendous help:

1) If you are interested in your blog being a destination for my virtual tour, please let me know. And you can count on me returning the favor, should you ever want to do the same!

2) Once the full cover is released, start building the hype on blogs / Facebook pages and groups / Twitter / and Pinterest. Awesome hashtags are optional. Things like #thedragonsdisciples #cnfaust and #pharunswag. (Maybe that last one is too much. But I’d be in love with anyone who used it, because shouldn’t that totally be a thing?)

3) If you want to distribute any physical promotional items to your friends / neighbors / family (such as bookmarks, samples) then get a hold of me through email or Facebook and we will talk!

4) Like my Facebook page and link back to it whenever the situation arises! That alone is a great help to build hype.

5) If you would like to receive an ARC in exchange for a review, let me know and we can make it happen!

6) Scout out any local bookstores in your area who would be interested in carrying the series.

I would REALLY appreciate any help or suggestions you may have, and I never forget a favor!

One more thing before I go. The Dragon’s Disciples will be available for pre-order from now until its re-release date (set tentatively at September 30th but no sooner than then). This mostly applies to print copies (though if you would like to pre-order an eBook, that would be cool as well). I will be selling the print copies for $10 per trade paperback and $30 per hardcover, that INCLUDES shipping and handling (unless you are international, prices may vary in that case. Email / contact me and we will talk!). That is a WAY better deal than you will get on Amazon! All $$ interactions will be made through PayPal, all payments must be sent by September 30th (in order for me to order the copies). If you are interested, email me at with your information! (Name, address). When you send the money via PayPal, please write that it is indeed you sending the payment (in case your Paypal email and your contact email are different).

Your most adored,



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