The 20K Crawl.

Hello my darlings,

I enjoy how I complained about my blog being empty, and then I don’t make a post for three days.


It hasn’t entirely been in vain. I’ve been getting a lot of writing done (and by ‘a lot’ I mean I am writing a couple thousand words every day at least… which is a hell of a lot more than I accomplished over the summer, go figure). I’ve been making some excellent plot progress. My characters are cooperating (as well as they can). And things in general are just going well. I’m almost out of the dreaded 20,000 word mire. You know how you seem to just get stuck somewhere in the 20K’s and it seems no matter how much you write, you can’t get out? You always end up deleting that chapter that keeps you from going over into 30,000 and therefore, the future?

Don’t give me that look. I swear that’s a thing.

What has it been like crawling through this wordcount? Allow me to provide you with a visual. 

With that being said, I HAVE been feeling inspired enough to the point where I thought about doing an author Q&A on Youtube. You know, people send questions and I answer them in a video. I think that that would be fun. Anyone on board with me? You don’t have to ask me about my books necessarily, we can talk about any number of things! If you want to drop me a line, feel free to stop by my Facebook page, or comment below!

Or email. Or, you know, you could find out my address and sit outside my house and stare judgmentally through my living room window until I speak to you. You know the drill.

Your most adored,


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