Where the hell has Faust been?

Hello my darlings,

I feel like this has been the state of my blog, lately.

As in empty.

Because honestly, I haven’t been around to post anything. It isn’t like I don’t check my blog every day (and if I have time, I try to respond to comments as soon as possible whether or not I am posting) but I haven’t had two seconds to sit down and make a post.

It is partially because Orcs and Aliens has been kicking my ass. Turns out all that laborious revising/editing of the interior was nothing compared to the joy of getting it in a readable format for digital printing (physical copy printing was a breeze. It’s the ebooks that hate me).

BUT we met our deadline and finally got everything out. We are still working the kinks out on all the different avenues of purchase but the point is that it CAN BE BOUGHT. Submissions open up tomorrow and now I have an entire half day to regain my sanity. Maybe in the next month I can take things a bit slower and finish up The Hollow Living.

I have been writing some KILLER scenes for The Hollow Living, I must say. Everyone has just done a 180 on me and NOW they all want to work, and they want to be brilliant. I am not complaining, though Pharun and Adriel Ercole have been competing for attention a lot. I think Pharun is a little jealous about my new, pretty, clever darling.

More good news: the covers AND the illustrations for the series are underway. I am so excited to see how they turn out. Since their KDP select terms are ending, I have been yearning to take the files over to Smashwords and let them roam free on multiple distribution channels, but I have restrained myself thus far. When I re-releaase, I want everything to be perfect.

Your most adored,