Daddy got a new computer!

Hello my darlings,

Yes. That was entirely necessary.

I was roused from my sleep this morning by a heavy banging on my door. (To give you an idea of the gravity of that, the front door opens up into my bedroom. I know, I know). And what could it be but the honest and fresh-faced deliveryman, up at 8 in the morning for the sole purpose of delivering unto me my brand new shiny laptop?

I was so thrilled, I ripped open the package immediately. I haven’t been asleep since, but I have been steadily working purchasing Word (the first order of operations for a writer) installing a proper anti-virus, and of course, letting Facebook know my happiness. My new laptop is an Asus Vivobook, 11.6 inches, pink, and her name is Fanny Skeffington. (If you get the reference, you awesome).

I was going to splurge on a Macbook Pro. I really, really was. But I could not bring myself to do so. The very tiny, reasonable voice inside my head was squeaking “Dude, dude, DUDE, you’re poor, bro!” the entire time. It was then that I resigned myself to Windows 8. And while I have not heard great things about it, I am actually falling in love with it. Everything is so seamless and easy to navigate. Now, of course, I feel like I would have been lost in Applespace. Maybe once a PC, you are always a PC…

What does this mean, and why do you care? Well, dear one, this means that… THE HOLLOW LIVING CAN FINALLY BE FINISHED!!

This is cause for celebration, indeed.

Your most adored,



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