20 Days of Donations Campaign


Jennie Fox

Hello my darlings,

I’m running what is essentially a 20 day blitz donation campaign for Jennie Fox (Formerly Smith, I had that mixed up). Jennie is a great woman who has always been supportive of others and ever willing to help a friend in need. She has been in-and-out of the hospital for most of her life, but now her problems with her heart are getting more severe and the hospital bills are piling up. It is to the point where the next hospital trip can only happen if there is just a little bit of help. So that is what this campaign is for! For the next 20 days, I want to help Jennie gather donations for her next hospital visit, just to get her closer to taking care of this issue with her heart once and for all. Any donation size helps, even if it just $1.00.

Her goal is a modest $300, I want to see if we can surpass it! She did not ask me to do this for her. I just want to push her cause!

I wanted to offer some kind of incentive to encourage people to donate higher. So here is what I will do: donate $50 and I will use a character of YOUR design (with explicit mention that it is YOUR character) as a cameo appearance in an upcoming short story anthology (featuring the Mahtrador family)!

Donate $100 and I will do that, PLUS I will post a list of characters from my Age of Waking Death series who will be making an appearance and you can pick one with whom your character will personally interact with in some way.

As always, show me a screenshot, or otherwise produce some sort of proof that you made the donation. The best way to do this is to email me at cnfaust@outlook.com and then we will discuss your character!

I wish I could do more for Jennie, I would love it if you guys could at least re-blog this and share for her cause!


Your most adored,



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