The Great (Ex) Roommate Debacle

Hello my darlings,

I know, I know. Good lord, where has Cy been? Has he been burrowing deep into the earth, unable to stop until he comes out the other side? Has he been unearthing lost civilizations? Curing cancer? Hiding in a monastery as he finishes his latest masterpiece?


Anything like this would be an acceptable excuse.

…None of those, actually, I’ve just been so super extremely busy and so super extremely stressed. Busy and stressed enough that I have only made marginal progress with The Hollow Living, unfortunately.

There is a rubber band in the back of my head, and someone is pulling it tighter and tighter to the point where it will at some point snap, and I will collapse in pain. That is what it feels like is happening… but I’m fairly certain it is just a headache. A horrible, stress-induced headache.

I’m not certain how to relay the events of the past few days.


Maybe I’ll just use bullet points.

  • Friday: Great-grandmother gets out of rehab. We take her home, set her up. Pray she doesn’t fall again.
  • Wednesday: She falls.

This time, the EMT’s don’t even call my mamaw first before taking my great-grandmother to the hospital. They just straight up break down her door and take her down to the emergency room.

As for all that happened in-between…

  • Mark gets text from troublesome roommate. We have not lived a day with this woman yet, but she wants to adjust the lease (don’t ask how, it’s too complicated) because she doesn’t trust us.
  • I get the job I applied for (YAYYY!!!) I learn I have to go to Greensboro five days earlier than I thought (ew) without Mark. (double ew).
  • Learns that I can get up there on the 5th… but nobody (absolutely nobody) is available to drive Mark up that weekend so he can move into our apartment on the 10th. (Guys, we’ve seriously known our move-in date since April or May).
  • Panics. Is trying to plan.
  • ON TOP OF PANIC, troublesome roommate won’t shut up about the lease that is already a signed and sealed deal. Starts launching personal attacks.
  • Other roommate that we actually like gets stressed to the point of tears.
  • Landlord calls Mark, because troublesome roommate’s mother had called him and kept him on the phone for HOURS.
  • Gets matter sorted out … but with $15 increase in rent.
  • Troublesome roommate not happy. Threatens to move out. Launches more personal attacks … this time at me, who has not spoken to her this entire time and did nothing to provoke being yelled at.
  • Decides not to put up with this bullshit, tells troublesome roommate exactly what I think of her.
  • Troublesome roommate blocks me on Facebook (because she is an adult) and outright just cancels her lease (fine with me).
  • …Rent goes up almost $70 without the fourth person (at least we have our living room back).
  • Lease matter settled. … Now we just have to make a day trip into town (3 hours away) to make sure all the new paperwork is in order since she up and left.
  • …Roommate we like can’t possibly make day trip.
  • Mark still is not 100% certain of how he is getting to Greensboro.
  • In conclusion… Mark and I went through almost an entire pack of cigarettes (and we’re only social smokers).

Did you get all of that? I wish I was one of those people who could relax and forget about stress for a little while… but unlike Scarlet O’ Hara, I cannot think about it tomorrow. I have to fix it today.

And of course, now is when I really want to get some writing done. Le SIGH.

Your most adored,



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