I’ve ranted enough for one day…

Here is a treat. A preview of the inside of Orcs and Aliens magazine.




Reblog if you’re excited!

4 thoughts on “I’ve ranted enough for one day…

  1. Don’t take this as snarky, but I’ve often seen fiction like your sample, where a human (usually female) is having sex with a demon or similar being. I guess I can see what’s in it for her — magical power, or revenge, perhaps. But what does the demon get out of it? A moment’s pleasure, it seems to me, wouldn’t be much temptation for an immortal creature that has power to make its own wishes into reality.

    That said, the art is beautiful and I enjoyed your layout. Do you have guidelines up?

    • You make a good point. Unless the human has a rare / special sort of power that the demon can only gain through that form of interaction, then I can only assume that what the demon gets is some form of momentary power trip. Or perhaps intercourse with a human is an intense pleasure that the demon cannot otherwise duplicate. I haven’t done much work with demons, personally – the closest I’ve come are the angels that made their first appearance in The Heretic Priest. And so far, they’ve been acting fairly asexual!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it. The guidelines are actually posted here: http://futurefantasypub.wix.com/orcsandaliens#!submission-guidelines/c1mx9

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