GUEST BLOG: Should writers cave to market forces? No way! by Storm Chase

Many thanks to Storm Chase for this guest blog! Read and enjoy! – C.N.F.


Lost Weekend By Storm Chase

I’m an egalitarian, atheist, feminist who can’t take a tan, no matter how much I try, and I’m living in Malaysia, a Muslim dominated male chauvinist hierarchical society. As you may guess, I stick out like a sore thumb.

It doesn’t bother me because I’m foreign. Always have been; always will be. I was born in Amsterdam and lived there for 11 years. Since then I’ve lived in 5 countries, with over 20 years in Asia.

So where’s this going, do you ask? Well, recently I’ve been wondering if my background is getting in the way of my writing. I mean, I look like a member of the pan Euro-American white supremacist hierarchy on the outside but the inside is a bit mixed up.

I write romances, some erotic, some not, and most with a touch of crime. When you knock around in the places I do, you meet a lot of hookers, girls who get into trouble, and people who have to make some very tough survival choices. My heroines tend to reflect this.

The Mule By Storm Chase

There’s Cleo, an exotic dancer who gets conned into being a mule and is banged up in a Colombian jail in The Mule, and Star, a hooker who makes some wrong decisions and ends up being sold in Siberia, in Chocolate, or Bryony, from Lost Weekend, who was convicted for theft – and actually did steal something!

When you compare that to the standard stuff out there, my storylines sound a bit rough. However, the stories are actually very romantic. I soften reality to an acceptable level of horror, and I provide HEA endings. Also, my heroines never fall for jerks who expect them to sacrifice everything for the sake of love!

While I’m getting some nice reviews, too many say they were put off by my erotica romances at first because they couldn’t imagine themselves as those heroines.

I don’t get that. I mean, I’m straight but one of the best books I’ve read in years was Body 2 Body: A Malaysian Queer Anthology. I also love LOTR and I, robot and I’m neither a man, hobbit, wizard, elf or robot. For me, reading means being someone totally different.

Still, I don’t like the idea of turning off readers before they even see what my books are like. So, I’m thinking, as the typical reader of romance ebooks is female, middle class and rather insulated from the rough realities of life, should I write a cutie-college-graduate-meets-billionaire where the tension comes from a tussle over whether she eats a hot dog in a 5 star restaurant?

Chocolate by Storm Chase

From what’s out there, I know it would have mass appeal. Problem is, I’m bored just thinking about it.

No, I’ve thought about it and it’s just not worth it. I shall be true – and possibly obscure but at least I’ll have fun writing.

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