I finally came up with a better title


…and a better cover. I think so, anyway. Yes, I know, I change the cover like twelve times no matter what it is. But I actually really like this one for my little compendium.

Though ‘little’ probably isn’t the best way to describe it. After all … the biographies and family histories alone are overwhelming. I so foolishly opened my big mouth and said, “Let’s include all of the barons!” … then Encarz had to go and point out that there are 50 baronies.

This is where I thrash.


Approximately my current state of being. Click for full affect.

With that being said, I might need to take a break. I have so, so many character portraits to do and it makes me wish I had a team of artists living in my basement whose only ambition in life was to draw, draw, draw character portraits for me. I’m not so sure how many of you are aware of the volume of characters I possess, but trust me when I say … we’re the population of a small country.

What does the compendium have so far in its table of contents?

  • Biographies / family histories (51 families in total so far)
  • The gods, angels, and divine servants.
  • The Verian alphabet
  • Map(s) (maybe?)
  • Baron hierarchy
  • Royal family timeline
  • Anything else I’m misssing.

In summary … this is going to be huge. ;-;

However, my fiance is out of town for the next week and a half. What am I going to do in his absence?

No, no. Bad Cy.

No, no. Bad Cy.

Goals for the next week and a half ARE AS FOLLOWS:

  1. Write some more of the Hollow Living (!!!!!!!!) (guys, you really need to start getting on my back about this one. Or maybe I just need to set daily reminders on my phone …)
  2. Make a real dent in the compendium (I won’t be so ambitious as to say “finish”).
  3. Host some guest bloggers! (All of the cool kids are doing it and I’m jealous. So I’m going to try my hand at hosting a few guest bloggers this week for the first time. If you are interested, hit me up!)
  4. Maybe start packing to move back home. Maybe.

I consider that to be a pretty hefty list of goals, considering one of them was the FINISH THE HOLLOW LIVING before August and I don’t think that is going to happen. I won’t even sacrifice my writing to rush and meet the deadline, like a good little author. I’m just going to hate myself for being such a lazybones as I gleefully make Felix’s life miserable. (Sorry Felix).

You’re going to be seeing a lot of me this week. What’s worse, I have no one to talk to now. You guys are it. Buckle up.

Your most adored,



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