Character Astrology: Libra


Hello my darlings,

Who is the Libra of the Mahtrador family? I suppose it isn’t that hard to guess.

Name: Shrukian Encarz Mahtrador II

Element: Air

Positive traits: Tactful, Romantic, Charming, Just, Diplomatic, Balanced.

(Pharun: “Tactful”? Have you met him?)

(Me: >.>)

Negative traits: Superficial, Detached, Unreliable, Laid-Back, Indecisive, Self-Indulgent).

(Me: Self-indulgent and superficial … no wonder you two secretly get along so well)

(Pharun: Shhh! We hate each other)

(Me: Right… Right).

So there you have it, your sign of the day! Who is next? So far the Mahtrador family seems to be composed entirely of air signs. >.>

(Shrukian: I am not superficial! External beauty is not the deciding factor for me in relationships!)

(Pharun: OLYMPIA!)

(Shrukian: …)


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