YAY Goals

Hello my darlings!


Huzzah for Fridays, and all that. Tomorrow is our yard sale where we will be trying to sell a few things in order to clear up space before we move and have a little extra money to put towards the wedding / general living. We’re not expecting a ton (I’m not delusional in all aspects of my life), but if nothing else we will have a lot less clutter!

And I’m all for less clutter.

What else is on the agenda for today?

  • Going to clock in 20,000 more words for “The Hollow Living” by Monday (that is the goal, anyway). I have to set absurd goals for myself or I will not get anything done.
  • Going to start creating a mock-up for the very first issue of Orcs and Aliens (it’s getting closer!)
  • Continue working on the “Dragolothian Compendium” and possibly draft a release date. I’m thinking it won’t go out until after The Hollow Living is released (way too many spoilers).

Throw in random, mundane tasks such as ‘go to the grocery store’ and ‘price things for yard sale’ and that is pretty much the summary of my day.

The GOOD news is that while my ebook sales have been doing so-so this month, my print sales seem to be picking up. I’m excited and I’m thanking the gods and I’m hoping that they all look shiny and beautiful when their readers open them up for the first time. This makes me absurdly optimistic for the prospect of selling them in-stores. Baby steps, and all that.

That is my goal for the end of the summer. To walk into a store and see The Dragon’s Disciples on a shelf somewhere. Preferably right across from a magazine rack containing Orcs and Aliens. :p

Who all is pumped for the release of The Hollow Living?!

Your most adored,



3 thoughts on “YAY Goals

    • I kind of understand why the summer months are bad (for our genre, anyway). Everyone is on vacation and they want a light or already familiar read – everyone is spending extra money elsewhere on said vacations – no one is inside reading – etc. We just have to be patient!

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